Why did the Soviet Union collapse? Has the role of women in society changed? Why has Quebec nationalism been so persistent? How did the European enlightenment affect the way we think about the world around us? How did colonialism shape the modern global economy? Where does Manitoba fit into all these developments?

The past is always with us. Historians unearth and analyze the past in order to understand how societies change and how political and social institutions develop. For you, the study of history provides an opportunity to delve into the past – recent and distant – and to develop reading, writing and analytical skills that will serve you well in your chosen careers in the “information age”.

Special Features

Resources available to students include the Brandon University Archives with its broad collection of materials relating to both the history of Brandon University and the social history of southwestern Manitoba.

Summer employment opportunities in the Brandon University Archives are periodically available to senior history students.

Sample of Available Courses

  • World History to 1500 & Since 1500
  • Making of the Modern World I & II
  • Ancient History I: The Near East & Greece
  • Canada to Confederation & Since Confederation
  • Medieval Britain
  • High & Late Middle Ages
  • PreColumbian & Colonial Latin America
  • Europe in the Age of Total Warfare (World War I & II)
  • Crusades

Possible Careers

  • Archives
  • Business
  • Government
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Teaching