Percussion and Instrument Loan Policies

Percussion Equipment Policy

Approved Use:

  1. For School of Music courses and ensembles
  2. For percussion majors and minors

Community and guest ensembles, and visiting artists


1) Anyone desiring access to the percussion studio and equipment must make arrangements with the Percussion Instructor.

2) Student Percussionists (School of Music percussion majors and minors) will be issued keys to the percussion studio and Kinsmen Rehearsal Hall to access equipment and practice space.

3) Percussion studio keys will only be made available with approval of the Percussion Instructor or the Dean of Music.

4) Keys may not be passed on or loaned to anyone without prior permission from the Percussion Instructor or the Dean

5) Percussion equipment and music stands may not leave the studio without prior approval of the Percussion Instructor. All percussion equipment borrowed must be signed out.

  • There are two exceptions to the above:
    Percussion equipment may be moved to Room 1-20 for rehearsal or practice by Student Percussionists Percussion equipment may be moved by Student
    Percussionists to another location in the music building for a School of Music course

6) Percussion equipment is not to leave the School of Music unless it is for use in a performance sanctioned by the Dean or Percussion Instructor.

7) All percussion equipment borrowed must be signed out with the Percussion Instructor.

8) All equipment must be moved by Student Percussionists or under the supervision of a Student Percussionist.

9) Anyone using university percussion equipment is responsible for ensuring all equipment is returned in same condition and stored appropriately in the percussion studio immediately after use.

10) Community and guest ensembles must arrange for a Student Percussion Assistant who will ensure that appropriate equipment is available and returned after use. A fee may be assessed for this service.

11) Not all equipment will be made available; such groups are encouraged to provide as much of their own equipment as is possible. A rental fee may be assessed for equipment use.

12.Accessory equipment such as mallets, sticks, and beaters will not be loaned. Use of this equipment is limited to university students in ensembles and percussion methods courses, and applied percussion.

Instrument Loan Policy

Students borrowing School of Music instruments will be liable for any damages beyond normal wear and tear. Repairs will be charged at professional rates. Students must complete an Instrument Rental form to rent a locker or borrow an instrument. The office staff controls the instrument keys and inventory. A student assistant will help to return instruments to lockers and perform a yearly inventory and inspection of the equipment.

  1. Any instrument used for applied instruction or techniques courses will have a rental fee of $20.00 per term or $20.00 per course, payable in advance.
  2. Any instrument being used only for ensemble participation MAY have the rental fee waived, if the Ensemble Director signs and dates the form.
  3. Instruments MAY NOT be loaned to other students, unless prior permission is granted by the Instrument Manager
  4. Instruments MUST be stored in their proper lockers when not in use. Any instrument found abandoned in halls or practice rooms will be confiscated, with the student responsible losing all borrowing privileges for the remainder of the term or academic year.
  5. All instrument keys must be returned within TWO WEEKS of the end of the term for which they were originally signed out. Late returns will be assessed a fine of $5.00 per month and loss of borrowing privilege.
  6. Conservatory students may rent an instrument for $40.00 per term or $20.00 for the summer.