Degree Programs

Brandon University School of Music offers a wide variety of degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. New programs include jazz studies and composition.


Two Undergraduate degrees are offered:

1. Bachelor of Music

  • General Music Major
  • Performance Major
  • Specialist in Music Teaching and Learning Major

2. Bachelor of Music

  • Major in School Music/Bachelor of Education (After Degree)


Two Master of Music degrees are offered:

  • Performance & Literature
  • Music Education

How to Apply

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  • apply to the School of Music
  • register for your Entrance Audition

There are four departments in the School of Music:

  • The Applied Department is responsible for the Performance major, including jazz studies;
  • the Music Research Department is responsible for the General Music major, including composition;
  • the Joint Department of Music Education (administered jointly by the School of Music and Faculty of Education) is responsible for the concurrent and specialist music education majors; and
  • the Graduate Music Department is responsible for the master’s programs in performance & literature and in music education.

Each department has a Chair: