Degree Programs

Brandon University School of Music offers a wide variety of degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. New programs include jazz studies and composition.


Three Undergraduate degrees are offered:

  • Honours
  • Performance
  • Music Education


Two Master of Music degrees are offered:

  • Major in Performance
  • Music Education.

How to Apply

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  • apply to the School of Music
  • register for your Entrance Audition

There are four departments in the School of Music:

  • The Applied Department is responsible for the performance program, including jazz studies;
  • the Music Research Department is responsible for the honour’s program, including composition;
  • the Joint Department of Music Education (administered jointly by the School of Music and Faculty of Education) is responsible for the concurrent and specialist music education programs; and
  • the Graduate Music Department is responsible for the master’s programs in performance & literature and in music education.

Each department has a chair – Dr. Catherine Wood  is the Chair of the Applied Department,  Dr. Jon Tomas Godin  is the Acting Chair of the Music Research Department, Dr. Sheelagh Chadwick and Dr. Sheila Scott   are Co-Chairs of the Joint Department of Music Education, and Professor Kerry DuWors is the Chair of the Graduate Music Department.