Admission/How to Apply

Applicants to the School of Music must meet requirements and submit applications for both Brandon University and the School of Music. See the General Calendar for further information.

For admission to Brandon University, High School graduation in Manitoba or its equivalent is generally the minimum requirement. For more information about Brandon University Admission Requirements, or how to apply to Brandon University, contact the Brandon University Admissions Office.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, please see our revised Audition Requirements for the 2020-21 Academic Year.

  • The Entrance Audition must be preceded by application to both the University.
    • The completed audition form stating the requested date and repertoire to be performed should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the audition.
    • Potential students may be considered as having met the musical requirements for admission based upon the recommendation of any member of the School of Music faculty. This faculty recommendation, to be submitted to the Dean of Music, will also include recommendations for scholarship consideration.
    • Potential students who have access to stable, high speed internet may opt to perform a live audition through the use of live-streaming technology (e.g. zoom) for a selected member or members of the School of Music faculty. The faculty member(s) present for the audition will submit recommendations to the Dean of Music regarding musical admissibility and scholarship. Please email to request a live audition.
    • Potential students may submit a recording or link to a recording that will be distributed to a relevant School of Music faculty member who will provide a recommendation regarding musical admissibility and scholarship to the Dean of Music.
    • Potential students may have their application file assessed by Department Chairs, who will take into consideration letters of recommendation, academic achievements, and musical experience/participation. This allows the School to respond proactively to applicants who have competing offers from other institutions, are from programs that are well known to our faculty, and play instruments (or sing in vocal ranges) that are needed by the School to balance our ensembles to the benefit of all students.
    • Potential students may be connected with an applicable member of the School of Music faculty by distance for a lesson/advising session or sessions. Based upon this session/these sessions, the faculty member will submit a recommendation to the Dean of Music.
    • Potential students, who are eligible to the University, may be offered admission through the Bachelor of Arts (Music) program, delaying a decision on musical admissibility until the student is able to effectively and securely participate in any of the above-listed processes.
    • The minimum performance standard is approximately Grade VIII Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada (Grade VII Conservatory Canada for Woodwind, Brass, and Percussion). Auditions require the performance of three contrasting selections demonstrating the applicant’s musicality and technique.
    • During a live or live streamed audition potential students’ aural skills may be assessed for advisory and learning purposes.  This assessment may include matching pitches, singing major and/ or minor scales, identifying or singing intervals within an octave, clapping back short rhythms (after two playings), and singing back short diatonic melodies (after two playings).
    • Sight reading may also be required.
    • Upon request an accompanist will be provided for a $40 fee.
    • Applicants wanting instrument-specific requirements are encouraged to contact the appropriate instructor.

    Music Theory Assessment

    • The audition process includes a theory assessment test.
    • The purpose of the test is to assess your working knowledge of music theory rudiments, which is important to help you be successful in your first year of study and beyond.
    • Applicants can take the theory assessment anytime after their audition. It is recommended that students take the assessment before the end of June in order to allow time for remedial work before the Fall term (if required).
    • Please contact the Administrative Assistant at to arrange a time to take the test.
    • Note: The results of the assessment do not affect acceptance to the School of Music.

    Music Theory Rudiments

    • Applicants interested in improving their knowledge of music theory rudiments before commencing studies, or before writing the assessment test, can take the online rudiments course offered through the Eckhardt-Grammatte Conservatory of Music.
    • Alternatively, students will be required to take 64:110 – Materials of Music in their first semester of study. Please note that this course does not count towards the Bachelor of Music degree.


    • Applicants who have successfully completed the Royal Conservatory of Music Level 8 Theory exam (previously known as Grade 2 Rudiments), the Conservatory Canada Theory 3 Exam, or other equivalent exam, can send their results to in order to be exempt from taking the assessment test.

    Sample Test

    Recorded Auditions

    • Although live auditions are preferable, recorded auditions on CD or DVD are accepted in cases where travel to Brandon presents serious problems.
    • In these cases, corroborative evidence of performance ability and of the authenticity of the recorded performances is required.

      **Recorded auditions should be received no later than May 1, 2021.

    **In recognition of the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic, we will accept audition recordings that arrive after our stated May 1 deadline.

    For more information, please contact the Administrative Assistant to the School of Music.

      Please follow this link for information on applying to our