Student Policies

Concert Attendance Policy

**Please note that due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, the Concert Attendance Policy has been amended for the 2020-21 Academic Year. Click here to view the amended policy.

It is important that students establish a regular pattern of attendance at professional musical performances. Accordingly, the School of Music has established a Concert Attendance Requirement as follows:

  1. Students are required to attend at least forty concerts in the course of their degree program. This requirement will normally be satisfied by the end of a students’ third year. Students who fail to satisfy this requirement will not be permitted to graduate.
  2. Students in the 5-year concurrent program will be required to obtain 32 concert credits and 8 workshop/conference/ lecture attendance credits in order to graduate.
  3. Eligible concerts include performances in Brandon by: Faculty of the School of Music, Guest artists of the School of Music, The Brandon Chamber Players and The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  4. Also eligible are: Professional recitals and concerts in other centres and other events approved in advance by the Dean
  5. Please note that only concerts by professional musicians, which reflect the curricula of the School of Music, are eligible for credit.

The Concert Attendance Requirement is satisfied as follows:

  • Students will sign in at concerts sponsored by the School of Music (a sign-up sheet will be available at the door).
  • Students who wish credit for attending other concerts, both within Brandon and elsewhere, should bring a ticket stub and program to the Music Office.
  • Transfer students will be required to attend ten concerts each year in which they are registered in a Brandon University music program.

Ensemble Attendance

  • Any unexcused absence from a scheduled rehearsal of the Orchestra, Concert Choir, Chorale, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Piano Ensemble, and Guitar Ensemble will reduce the student’s grade by at least one letter.
  • Two instances of unexcused tardiness at scheduled rehearsals of the Orchestra, Concert Choir, Chorale, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Piano Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble and Collegium will reduce the student’s grade by at least one letter.
  • The failure to attend a scheduled performance may result in a¬† grade of ‘F’.

Students intending to enter or transfer to the Performance Program

  1. After discussion with his or her teacher regarding the advisability of pursuing this program of studies, the student must advise the end-of-term-jury chair and juror(s) that the term jury is to serve as pre-audition for admission into the Performance Program. Any positive recommendation will be forwarded by the jury chair to the Chair of the Performance Department, who will schedule an official audition.
  2. The audition will normally consist of a program of varied solo repertoire approximately twenty minutes in length, and will be judged by a minimum of five jurors, two of whom will hear all applied auditions during the academic year. The Performance Program jury will determine not only admission to the program, but also the level of admission (year and term).

Practice Studios

  1. Practicing is to be confined to practice studios and other appropriate rooms. Note that the student lounge, hallways and foyers are not included.
  2. When practice rooms are in use, doors are to remain shut.
  3. If a practice room is unoccupied for a period of 10 minutes or more, it will be considered vacated and may be claimed by another student. This means that students may not claim studios by leaving coats, music, etc., unattended.

Food Policy

Food is to be consumed in the student lounge, the area under the “feature” wall (on the lower level), faculty lounge and faculty offices only. Note that the foyer, practice rooms, classrooms, Computer Lab and Lorne Watson Recital Hall are not included.

Brandon University Poster Policy

“The objectives of the University’s policy are to promote and ensure:

  • a clean, aesthetically pleasing and safe environment on campus; and – freedom of the dissemination of information within University policy and the law.”

A portion of this policy addressing postings reads:

“Poster Location: As a general rule, postings should be limited to notice boards, etc., provided for that purpose.


I would ask for your support in administering the criteria as stipulated. Housing employees have been instructed by their supervisor to remove posters that are in violation.

University Name And Marks

Policy for the School of Music

  1. From time to time constituent Groups of the School of Music (Conservatory, BUMS, BUSMEA. etc.) wish to reproduce the University’s Name and/or Marks in publications, clothing, etc. When such circumstances arise, the prospective users will provide the Dean of Music, well in advance, with a brief written proposal outlining the objectives of the project. This proposal will include a completed copy of the University’s standard approval form. The Dean will also require a budget showing projected revenues and expenditures. Where practicable, percentage of any profits will be recovered by the School of Music to recognize the School’s support of the activity.
  2. A visual representation of the item must accompany the proposal. The Dean of Music will consult with the Vice-President (Administration and Finance) when reviewing any such request as required by University policy.