Opera Ensemble

opera-420x203At Brandon University’s School of Music, voice students experience a fully integrated program of vocal technique and interpretation encompassing all the various aspects of the singer’s art.  In addition to the training in basic musicianship acquired by all music students, voice students receivegrounding in techniques required by today’s graduate schools, young artist programs, and professional companies – voice training, movement, character study, and acting.

In our unique program, students study with working professionals on faculty and participate in an innovative program of work that includes awareness-building exercises, classes in movement (Feldenkrais, Alexander, Dalcroze Eurythmics, Laban and Yoga), text analysis, dramatic diction and recitation, story-telling, theatrical staging and, of course, acting and vocal technique. There is also a wide range of performance opportunities, including choral ensembles, in-concert performances, individual recitals, and chamber music, enabling the student to deeply explore the passion and practice of vocal performance in a variety of formats. The process culminates in a full-length, full-scale opera production, a training that has, in the past, proved invaluable to our graduating students.

Our program is an advantageous stepping stone in professional preparation, enabling students to more effectively participate in works ranging from art song to musical theatre, from operetta to full opera.

Directors: David Playfair and Gordon Portman