Alla Turbanova



Phone: 204-573-2423

Alla Turbanova (Pianist, Piano Teacher, Director of the Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival) has won numerous scholarships, trophies and awards, including the Byelorussian Piano Competition, National Piano Competition for Byelorussian Composers, and others. Alla began her piano studies at the age of six at the Pinsk Special Music Conservatory, then graduated with a first class honours Bachelor Degree with Valentin Chensnovich (composer and pianist) at the Brest Musical College. She completed her Masters Degree (Piano Performance, Accompaniment and Chamber Music) in Minsk at the Institute of Pedagogie, where she also worked as an accompanist and teaching assistant in the Music Department. Her research paper, focusing on Byelorussian folk music, received first place at the Byelorussian State National Competition for Scientific Works.

Mainly focusing on her career as a piano teacher, her performances as a pianist in Canada have included major cities such as Toronto, Edmonton. Recent performances include the Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival world premiere of Kenneth Nichols’ “A River Merchant’s Wife” and recording Ken Nichols’s ” Wheat City: 1900s: Making Modern Brandon” for the MTS Series Stories from Home. The same work will premiere at the 10th Anniversary of the Clear Lake Chamber Music Festival.

Alla’s appealing skills and success have made her one of the most experienced and accomplished piano teachers. Her students can regularly be heard in concerts, competitions and festivals.