Gretta Sayers

Music Theory
  • B.A. Honours, Music Theory, Music History (University of Regina)
  • M.A. , Music Theory (University of Western Ontario)
  • Ph.D. , Music Theory (University of Kansas)


Phone: 204-727-9611


Gretta Sayers is Assistant Professor of Music Theory and Aural Skills at the School of Music at Brandon University. Dr. Sayers’ research explores perception of music, specifically the perception of musical form in post-common practice art music. Her dissertation applies theories of musical perception to the analysis of Debussy’s piano preludes, defining formal patterns based on associative relationships. Gretta’s other areas of research include pedagogy and empirical methods in music research. She has presented at national and international conferences.Gretta’s love of teaching began in high school, when she started teaching private piano, theory, and history lessons, and continued throughout her undergraduate degree. After graduating from the University of Regina, she was adjunct instructor of theory at Brandon University from 2005 to 2008 and held T.A. positions at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Kansas.