Carpool Parking

Carpool Permits Sold Out

We’re sorry, all carpool permits are sold out for 2023-2024.

In order to encourage students, staff, and faculty to minimize the negative effects of vehicles on the environment, Brandon University offers a carpooling option.

What is carpooling?

For the purposes of this initiative, carpooling is when two or more students, staff, or faculty shares a ride to campus in a single vehicle. In order to receive incentives for carpooling, carpooling groups must be registered at the Ancillary Services office.

Carpooling Benefits

  • Preferred parking spots in most of the parking lots on campus.
  • A discounted parking rate (20% discount for the 2021/2022 academic year).
  • Decreased commuter cost for all carpool participants.
  • A feeling of satisfaction that you are doing something positive for the environment!

How to Register

1. Designate a Carpool Captain

A carpool “captain” must be designated for each carpool group. The captain will assume administrative responsibility for the carpool group, making all the necessary arrangements such as paying for parking, acquiring the special carpool parking pass, communicating with carpool group members regarding schedules, etc. For clarity and efficiency, the Ancillary Services office will communicate only with the carpool captain.

2. Register for Carpool Parking

All Carpool Permits are sold out for 2023-2024.

The captain of the carpool group will need to do the following:

  1. Create a parking profile for themselves.
  2. Complete and submit the Carpool Group Registration form. Once your application is recieved, the Ancillary Services office will respond via email with approval, payment due and permit pick up options.

3. Start Carpooling!

Once the carpool captain’s application is approved and payment has been made, the captain will receive a special parking tag to be displayed from the vehicles rear-view mirror when using one of the designated carpool parking spots.

Carpool Only Parking Spots

Brandon University Carpool sign

Drivers will notice a number of parking spots in most campus lots identified as being for Carpool Parking at All Times only. These spots require a special parking permit to be displayed.

Please do not park in these spots if you are not a registered carpool group with a valid carpool permit. Use of a carpool parking spot by vehicles arriving with a driver only (no passengers), or without the distinctive carpool tag displayed, may result in the vehicle being issued a parking ticket.

On those days where a carpool member drives to campus without passengers, they may park in a non-carpool spot in the customary parking lot. Parking security personnel will make note of such instances and if this occurs more than ten (10) times in either term, the carpool group will lose their parking discount and a corresponding charge will be levied against the carpool captain’s account.