Mission Statement


Physical Plant will create a safe and healthy campus environment with the goal to deliver sustainable integrated facility management services.


Physical Plant will be a leader in providing cost-effective services that are efficient, environmentally responsible, legislatively compliant and offer innovative client solutions to support the Brandon University mission.


Physical Plant is a values-based department.  These values guide our decisions and actions at all levels:

  1. Integrity
  2. Respect
  3. Accountability
  4. Community
  5. Excellence


  • We apply the highest standard of ethics and quality in all that we do
  • Honesty and trust are how we build relationships


  • We create a safe place to work that fosters belonging and well-being
  • We see diversity, inclusion and personal growth as a strength


  • We are accountable for our actions, outcomes and conduct
  • Our processes are efficient and transparent


  • We collaborate with each other and our partners to provide a safe and healthy campus and work environment
  • We share our knowledge and expertise to achieve our goals


  • We strive to provide customer service excellence through partnership and continuous improvement
  • We seek to develop opportunities to enhance our campus quality and empower innovation