Psychology is one of the largest departments at Brandon University and serves a large percentage of the student body. Each faculty member specializes in a particular area of psychology both for teaching and research purposes. A wide variety of psychology courses are available at Brandon University. These courses represent major topics that psychologists consider important to understand behavior. You may select areas of study that offer opportunities to carry out laboratory or field research under the supervision of a faculty member.

Graduates of organizational psychology courses often proceed to business schools in Masters of Business Administration programs. Graduates with a BA or BSc degree find employment with social service agencies or choose to continue their education in graduate or professional school. See what some of our alumni are currently doing and what they say about our program.

    Special Features

    Graduates who choose a career in academic psychology have a wide variety of paths to consider. Research into human social behavior and personality, child development, life span psychology, brain and behavior, and all other areas provide numerous and fascinating challenges.

    Psychology, like other sciences, has become dependent on the use of computer technology for the study of behavior, artificial intelligence, and brain processes, so that students who are interested in computer applications will find many demands for their skills.

    Sample of Available Courses

    • Introduction to Psychology: Part I & Part II
    • Introduction to Social Psychology
    • Prejudice, Stereotyping, & Discrimination
    • Child Psychology

    Possible Careers

    • Business Consulting
    • Counseling
    • Law
    • Social Services
    • Social Work
    • Teaching