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Trevor McIntyre

Trevor McIntyre [BA/19]

When did you graduate from BU?

I graduated in October 2018 and convocated in May 2019 with a BA.

What have you been doing since you graduated?

I am currently enrolled in the Faculty of Education at Brandon University with hopes to graduate in the spring 2020. When I am not attending school I work in Dauphin as a substitute teacher and educational assistant for Mountain View School Division. I love teaching all grade levels for various reasons, however I hope to eventually teach high school humanity classes (e.g., psychology, family studies, drama arts, social studies, etc.), while maintaining a strong rapport with my students and watching my students grow into the great people I know they can be. On a personal note, I simply want to make my family, friends, community, and myself proud with the work I do, and truly make a positive impact on the world.

What do you think were some valuable things you learned from being in the Psych program?

Being a psychology student taught me academic skills such as different methods of research (e.g., descriptive or correlational), how to interpret data, how to conduct research and collect data, and how to properly express your findings (e.g., in writing). On top of the that, I researched and learned about a diverse number of interesting topics such as the environment, aging, child and adolescent development, human sexuality, the human body, animals, history of psychological ideas, statistics, society, sports, counselling, etc. In having exposure to a diverse number of topics, this allowed me to explore a variety of possible interests, while developing an interest in subject areas I would not have considered.

Being a psychology student increased many of my interpersonal skills, including better communication with others as well as the interpretation of emotional responses and behaviors.

One of the great things about psychology is that there are different approaches taken to the same question (e.g., dreams; dream interpretation), meaning there is an array of alternative possibilities. In other words, psychology allows us to think of things in alternative ways.

I very much treasure my time as a student in the Department of Psychology at Brandon University. I have met the most amazing people. The faculty are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and I will never take for granted the lifelong friends I have made along the way.

Kelsi Baine

Kelsi Baine [BA (Hon.)/03] [MSc-U of Calgary; CCC]

Counsellor at Upper Island Counselling Services Society, Campbell River, British Columbia

“I was involved with the BU Psych department, on and off, from 1997 to 2003. It was clear to me early on in my undergraduate degree that I would major in psychology. In addition to my courses I soon became busy as the treasurer of the Psych Club, and marking for several psych classes. I will always be grateful for the friends I made, and for the support and guidance I received from faculty. I received excellent mentorship from my thesis advisor, and was directed to scholarship opportunities that would later fund my Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. BU provided the perfect platform for me to launch my academic and professional career.”

Kelsi Baine has been working as a Counsellor at Upper Island Counselling Services in Campbell River, British Columbia since 2007 and has been counselling in various capacities since 2000. She holds a Master of Science degree specializing in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Brandon University. Kelsi is a certified counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Kelsi specializes in couples issues, communication skills, relationship violence and abuse, anxiety and depression, stress management, grief, and wellness. Out of her graduate research she has a keen interest and expertise in working with couples who are transitioning into parenthood, or are having relationship problems since becoming parents. Over the years Kelsi has counselled adults, couples, families, youth, and groups (both therapeutic and psycho-educational). She incorporates mind and body wellness into her practice, helping people to achieve holistic positive changes in their lives.

Rob BeeverRob Beever [BSc (Hon.)/06]

Functional Analyst and Date Analyst/Research Assistant at The University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Studying psychology at Brandon University provided me with a solid research knowledge base. This was especially helpful when I moved on to graduate studies and later in my career. I left with the confidence and ability to conduct my own research at the graduate level and work independently on a variety of projects in the education and health fields.”

Rob Beever graduated from Brandon University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science with Honors degree in Psychology. He went on to complete a Master of Education in Educational Psychology & Special Education at the University of Saskatchewan in 2008. Rob currently works full time at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Student Information Systems as a Functional Analyst. Since 2008, he has also worked a contract position as a Data Analyst/Research Assistant doing Rural Dementia Action Research at the Rural and Remote Memory Clinic in the Canadian Health and Safety in Agriculture (CCHSA).

Trevor McIntyreMichael Dubois [BSc (Hon.)/15]

Research Assistant at Pine River Institute, Shelburne, Ontario

Michael Dubois recently graduated from Brandon University in May of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science with Honors degree in Psychology. He is currently employed as a Research Assistant at Pine River Institute, a residential treatment center and outdoor leadership experience for youth 13 to 19 struggling with mental health issues, and specifically addictive behaviours.

Gayle GrahamGayle Graham [BSc (Hon.)/08]

Librarian Educator at The Nova Scotia Health Authority, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“The education I gained at Brandon University provided a strong foundation for my career. At BU, I began developing the research and critical thinking skills that I use every day as a librarian. By completing a thesis, I gained experience with all aspects of producing publishable work, which has helped me in my roles as a writer, editor, and peer reviewer of academic articles. The possession of a science degree is a strong asset in health sciences libraries, where I regularly conduct literature searches to contribute to research projects in all areas of health sciences; including mental health initiatives.”

Gayle Graham graduated from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Science with Honors in psychology in May of 2008. For the duration of her studies, she was employed at the John E. Robbins Library. After graduation, Gayle pursued a library career. Following her 4-year employment as a Library Technician with the provincial government of Manitoba, she went on to complete a Master of Library and Information Studies at Dalhousie University. After graduating in 2014, she accepted the position of Librarian.

Pamela Kelso-croppedPamela Kelso [BA/02; PhD/12]

Learning Disabilities Specialist/School Psychologist at Brandon School Division, Brandon, Manitoba

“I was enrolled as a student at BU from 1997-2002. Originally a sociology major, my interest in psychology was sparked by the dynamic and engaging instructors that I was fortunate enough to take classes with in the Psychology Department. This led me to pursue a 4-year degree in psychology and started me on a path towards a doctorate in clinical psychology. My undergraduate studies at BU provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge that allowed me to be successful in my graduate studies and beyond.”

Dr. Kelso currently works as a School Psychologist in the Brandon School Division. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree (Psychology) from Brandon University in 2002, Master of Arts Degree (Clinical Psychology) from North Dakota State University in 2004, and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Manitoba in 2012. She completed her clinical residency in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine. She has previously provided psychological assessment, consultation, and treatment services at Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface General Hospital, Deer Lodge Centre, and St. Amant Centre in Winnipeg, MB. She has also taught as a sessional instructor in the Psychology Department at both Brandon University and the University of Manitoba.
Dr. Kelso’s research interests have included teaching perspective-taking skills to children with autism spectrum disorders using video modeling, teaching firearm injury prevention skills to children, and evaluating preference for reinforcers of different potencies with adults with developmental disabilities. She has co-authored papers in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Education and Treatment of Children, Behavior Therapy, and Health Communication. Dr. Kelso has served on the board of directors for the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba – Brandon Chapter since 2009, and has a special interest in working collaboratively with teachers to effectively meet the needs of students with learning differences and challenges.

Maggie Penfold-cropped

Maggie Penfold [BSc (Hon.)/05]

Provisional Psychologist, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, Alberta

Maggie Penfold graduated from Brandon University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science with Honors degree in Psychology. She went on to complete a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manitoba in 2009 and is now finishing her Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manitoba. Maggie has recently completed a Pre-Doctoral Psychology Residency at The Edmonton Consortium Clinical Psychology Residency, where she had rotations at Alberta Hospital Edmonton, University of Alberta Hospital, and The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Maggie is considered a provisionally registered psychologist until she completes her Ph.D. thesis and has recently accepted a job offer at the University of Alberta Hospital working in the area of Adult Mental Health.

Natasha Ray-croppedNatasha Ray [BSc 4 Yr/13]

Student in Speech-Language Pathology Masters program at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Natasha Ray graduated from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Science (4-year) in Psychology in 2013. She is currently attending Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and completing her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology. Natasha was accepted to the graduate program during her final year at BU and will be graduating from Dalhousie in 2016. Natasha’s background in Psychology (especially the Child Psychology and Biological Psychology courses) at BU prepared her for the first year of the Master’s degree.

Bruce Schollie-cropped

Bruce Schollie [BSc 4 Yr/86]

President and Management Consultant of Schollie Research & Consulting, Red Deer, Alberta

“My psychology degree is a critical foundation for nearly everything I’ve done in my career and my life. All the courses I took as part of my degree have been helpful but in particular the social psychology, experimental psychology, and the research courses, have allowed me to understand measurement, attitudes, research, and some human motivators. These are all critical for a career in business management and consulting. The key to understanding a business’s problems is understanding the people that are creating them. The key to thriving in the business world is being able to get the best out of people. In many ways the psychology degree has given me an edge because I have some insight in these areas that others often overlook.”

Bruce Schollie, B.Sc., M.B.A., CMC, the owner of Schollie Research & Consulting is an accredited management consultant through the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. Prior to his consulting career, Bruce spent 6 years as a marketing analyst and product manager for a $70 million/year consumer goods business. He has also taught a variety of business administration courses at Red Deer College. Bruce graduated from the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a Master of Business Administration in 1991, following the completion of his Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Brandon University in 1986.

Kansas Schure-croppedKansas Schure [BSc (Hon.)/11]

Counsellor at Foster Common Unity Counselling Services, Brandon, Manitoba

Kansas Schure graduated from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Psychology in 2011. She has recently completed her Master of Counselling degree in 2015 at the University of Lethbridge in Lethbridge, Alberta. Kansas is currently working as a Counsellor at Foster Common Unity Counselling Services in Brandon, Manitoba.

Ryan SturgeonRyan Sturgeon [BSc (Hon.)/05]

Community Mental Health Worker at Prairie Mountain Health – Mental Health Services, Brandon, Manitoba

Ryan Sturgeon is a Community Mental Health Worker at Prairie Mountain Health, an organization that provides quality mental health services in Brandon, Manitoba. Previously he worked as a Mental Health Proctor and Activities Worker at McTavish Manor in Brandon. He holds a Master Degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary, located in Calgary, Alberta, which he completed in 2007. He graduated from Brandon University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science Honors degree with a Major in Psychology and a double minor in math and sociology. Ryan currently resides in Brandon with his family, and pets Rocket and Butterscotch as a proud father of four children. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors, movies, playing texas hold’em and learning.

Britton Woods [BSc (Hon.)/12]

School Psychologist at Beautiful Plains School Division, Neepawa, Manitoba

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Brandon University and the support I received from everyone there was second to none. I would highly recommend BU to anyone considering a career in psychology. It was a great place to start.”

Britton Woods is a School Psychologist at Beautiful Plains School Division in Neepawa, Manitoba. She graduated from Brandon University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science with Honors degree in Psychology. She went on to complete a Master of Arts in School Psychology at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she graduated in October of 2014.

If you are a BU Psychology graduate interested in being featured on this page please contact us.