What Can YOU Do With A Psychology Degree?

The annual What Can You Do With a Psychology Degree? event started with this one important question posed by a 4th year BU Psychology Major. That same year, the BU Psychology Department (along with that one student and their friend) launched an event that brought back BU alumni to come tell us: What have you been doing? How did your experiences at BU help you in your current role? What tips do you have for current undergrads?

This annual event showcases:

  • Bu Psychology Alumni
  • Community organizations looking to hire Psych students
  • Invited guests (students; professionals) doing Q & A’s on topics of interest to undergrads

We welcome all students to check out this event!

Email the Psychology Department to request topics or speakers for this event.

Previous Events (all held in April)

2022 (via zoom): Q & A with BU Psychology Alumni

2021 (via zoom): “My path to Clinical Psychology“, Q & A with Sally Payne Sally Infograph




2018: “A day in the life of a therapist“, Q & A with Julia Senchuk

2017: Q & A with BU Psychology Alumni and Community Organizations

2016: Q & A with BU Psychology Alumni and Career Resource Centre