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November – Innovation in Agri-Food Processing: A Study of Commercialization of Bulk Food Ingredients in Manitoba.  See the Final Report – 8 Cases

Also view the November report highlights: Final Report Highlights

March – Innovation in Agri-food Processing: Preliminary Study of Commercialization of Bulk Food Ingredients in Manitoba. See the full report.

Also view the March report highlights: Report Highlights

And individual case study reports:

Canadian Prairie Garden Case Study

Richardson Milling Case Study

Shape Foods Case Study

Floating Leaf Fine Foods Case Study

True North Foods Case Study

Brar Natural Flour Milling Case Study

Hemp Oil Canada Case Study

Bee Maid HoneyCase Study


AGGP Shelterbelt Survey: Prairie Producers’ Use of and Attitudes Towards Shelterbelts. (2014 report)

Forest Policy- Developing Crown Forest Policy : A Public and Private Affair.

– (July)  Presented at the International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Summer Institute (ICRPS). Ashton, W.

Food and Beverage Processing Industry, Growth Pathways to 2020. For more details see the

– (May) full report or report highlights


Attitudes Towards Shelterbelts for Beef production among Manitoba Beef Producers-

Baseline Survey Report

AGGP Social Marketing Interactive Workshop Report 

Social Marketing 101 and Social Marketing Case Study

-(November). Presented by Raj Machanda and Joel Voth at the Brandon University AGGP-Shelterbelts and Cattle Social Marketing Interactive Workshop

Canadian Risk & Hazard Network CRHNet 10th Annual Symposium of Technical Programs  – 2013

CHRNet November 2013 Gegg Bartlett

SUMMARY: Canadian Risk and Hazard Network Greg Bartlette


Beef & trees: Engaging beef producers in reducing GHG
– (April). Presented at the World Social Marketing Conference, Toronto, ON. Ashton, W., & Shanghvi, I.


Shelterbelts, beef producers & behaviours: Investigating an alternative approach using social marketing
– (July). Presented at the Great Plains Windbreak Renovation and Innovation Conference, International Peace Garden, ND-MB. Canart, R., Shanghvi, I., Ashton, W., & English, B.


Pre-planning is worth its weight in gold
– (October). Presented at the Backyards and Beyond Conference, Denver, CO. Bartlette, Greg.


Economic impact assessment of leafy spurge in southern Manitoba. Final report
– (October). Rempel, K.

Economic impact assessment of leafy spurge in Manitoba.
– Factsheet.

Mapping and monitoring the spread of leafy spurge.
– Factsheet.

Pathway prevention of invasive species: Increasing education and awareness priority area: Integrated pest management (IPM).
– Factsheet.


Building momentum on leafy spurge bio-control: highlights from the leafy spurge beetle forum.
– (May). Gibson, R., & Ferguson, L.

Leafy spurge rangeland control and management final report.
– (March). Gibson, R., & Ferguson, L.


Breaking down borders: Issues and actions for invasive plant species in western Canada final report.
– (July). Rempel, K.

Tackling a single invasive species: Perspectives from the Leafy Spurge Stakeholders Group.
– (February). Presented at the Breaking Down Borders Forum, Winnipeg, MB. Gibson, R., & Johnston, J.


Diversification into farm tourism
– Poster presented at the CRRF Conference, Vermilion, AB. Oredegbe, A.

Leafy spurge and gravel pits / leafy spurge: Identification and prevention
– Factsheet.

Implementing a bio-control program for leafy spurge
– Factsheet.

Leafy spurge and species diversity
– Factsheet.

Multi-species grazing of leafy spurge
– Factsheet.


Managing invasive species: Leafy spurge control project report
– Peers, B., McTavish, P., Peers, A., & Gibson, R.


Learning strategies to build human capital and social capital for sustainable rural communities
– Presented at the Identifying Strategies to Support Sustainable Agriculture in Canada Conference, Quebec City, QC. Rempel, K.

Leafy spurge control~A best practice: Cameron, Glenwood, Sifton weed control district
– Peers, B.

A framework of priority information needs: Interview with key informants.
– Peers, B., & McTavish, P.

Inventory of programs, services and resources
– Gibson, R.


Leafy spurge biocontrol. Identification and establishment of biocontrol sites in Manitoba.
– Morton, P., & Rempel, K.


Bio-control of leafy spurge in support of recovery of species at risk year III. 2003 field research results.
– Pachkowski, J.

Best practices: Manitoba municipalities and integrated control strategies for leafy spurge
– Pachkowski, J.

Leafy spurge forum: A disaster in the making. Proceedings of the leafy spurge forum.
– Peers, B., & Gibson, R.


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) leafy spurge prevention and control.

Bio-controlof leafy spurge in support of recovery of species at risk, year II.
– Pachkowski, J.

Best practice: Environmental stewardship by a private landowner.
– Pachkowski, J.

Leafy Spurge Project: Bio-control of leafy spurge in support of recovery of species at risk, year II.
– Pachkowski, J.


Increased forage production through the bio-control of leafy spurge: 2001 field season report.
– Pachkowski, J.