Excess Moisture Management

This applied research is examining individual investment options to assess farm-level and regional-level impacts of farmers’ technical choices during periods of excess moisture using a cost-benefit framework. The RDI project team is joined with experts from the Universities of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Funding from the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association and the Manitoba Agricultural Partnership is making this two year project a possibility.Manitoba’s rapidly changing climate conditions are characterized by increased frequency and intensity of excess moisture events. With four of the top ten Assiniboine River floods and five of the top ten Red River floods all happening in the last twenty-five years, there is clear change afoot. This new reality impacts both our agricultural community on the farm level (e.g., crop losses, delayed farm practices) as well as other residents and regional activities (e.g., loss of lives, material losses) as the effects of excess moisture events usually extend beyond the time and place in which they occur. This research aims to provide farmers and related decision makers knowledge to make and support on-farm investment decisions related to managing times of excess moisture. The research analysis will take place in two phases. Phase one will review information, adapt a cost-benefit analysis framework and use a farm model to determine the outcome of excess moisture events. These will be tested with the model using a baseline scenario for a typical farm. Feedback from stakeholders will help add value and further understanding. Phase two will expand the research to calculate outcomes for diverse excess moisture events for farms. This research project is one of a dozen efforts examining excess moisture. Though this research is specific to Manitoba, there is currently a team doing similar research for Saskatchewan. There is future potential to compare and explores similarities and differences in these two different research projects. The results will be available on the RDI website.

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William Ashton, Director: 204-571-8513, ashtonw@brandonu.ca
Mikaël Akimowicz, PhD: 204-761-3430, akimowiczm@brandonu.ca

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