Student-Led Legacy Project

Planning to thrive involves embracing health and developing well being, individually and collectively, in the context of Our Communities, Our Economy, and Our Environment.

Hosted by the Brandon and Area Planning District, the Manitoba 2012 Planning Conference – Beyond Surviving: Planning to Thrive brought together elected officials, municipal administrators, educators, students, and public and private sector planners for three days of learning about the key issues facing planners in Manitoba today.

The pre-conference symposium ‘rural + development + planning’ was an opportunity for some theory-building across multiple disciplines and perspectives. Presentations addressed the ‘sum’ of ‘rural + development + planning’, with a ‘thriving’ agenda in mind.

A team effort led by Brandon University students ~ the Legacy Project is digital recording of key selected presentations from the Manitoba 2012 Planning Conference.

Featured Presentations:

Planning for thriving local environments. Caldwell, W.

CED choice matrix: A path finding tool. Kelly, W., & McNeely, G.

The subdivision process: MAFRI. Mitchell, L., & Lausmann, H.

New directions for Manitoba’s rural economy (rural life & agriculture). Rance, L.

Planning for thriving communities. Sanders, B.

Municipal planning for climate change adaptation. Shymko, R.

Manitoba’s flood of 2011. Topping, S.

Beyond surviving: From breakdown to breakthrough. Wann, D.


Yakub Adediran, Allister Cucksey, Fobete Dinga, Matt Grills, Sylvia Henry, Karen Marchand, Immaculate Nabisiere, Ian Shanghvi.