Pathway Prevention of Invasive Species: Increasing Education and Awareness Priority Area: Integrating Pest Management (IPM)

Funded by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives: Growing Forward Program.

Leafy spurge is on the World Conservation Union’s list of the 100 worst invasive aliens species. In Manitoba, leafy spurge represents a threat to biodiversity in both nature lands and agricultural lands. It is estimated the annual cost to Manitoba from leafy spurge infestations exceeds $20 million. To successfully prevent future infestations, all stakeholders need to be aware of the situation, equipped to prevent future infestations, and manage current infestations. Building capacity among stakeholders is essential for the prevention and management of invasive species.


  • To increase awareness of invasive species pathway for the prevention of leafy spurge infestations in Manitoba; and
  • To enhance communication and education of leafy spurge prevention and management to producers, land owners, land managers, municipalities, government, and industry/private sector
  • To increase awareness and effective management of leafy spurge bio-control agents

The anticipated benefits of this project were:

  • Increased understanding of leafy spurge pathways by producers, land owners, municipalities, and industry.
  • Increased capacity of producers, land owners, municipalities, and industry to use and manage bio-control agents for the control of leafy spurge.

The project will assist in reducing potential impacts to the environmental while supporting agricultural sustainability in three areas: the project will promote an integrated pest management approach will contribute to agricultural sustainability; the project will increase the use of bio-control agents which in turn will decrease in the use of herbicide applications in agricultural areas of Manitoba; and an outcome of appropriate and effective invasive species management is increasing the productivity and sustainability of land resources.

Environmental responsibility is also a key concern of the project. At the onset of the project, project personnel will be instructed on proper preventative measures to ensure the spread of invasive species does not occur. A component of all communication and education activities will be highlighting key information on environmental responsibility.