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Dynamics of Rural & Northern Manitoba
Akimowicz, Mikaël; Ashton (Bill), William; Bryant, Ariel; McNeely, Gary; Wrathall, MeghanFebruary 2018
Une comparaison de l’impact des politiques publiques sur la viabilité de l’agriculture périurbaine
Akimowicz, MikaëlOctober 2017
Foncier et coordination agricoles: des actifs inséparables pour la construction territoriale dans les espaces péri-urbains
Akimowicz, Mikaël; Charilaos Képhaliacos; Harry Cummings; Karen LandmanOctober 2017
RDI Newsletter Fall 2015
Rural Development InstituteOctober 2015
Innovation in Agri-food Processing: A Study of Commercialization of Bulk Food Ingredients in Manitoba
Ashton (Bill), William; Galatsanou, Eleni; Richards, Gillian; Woods, SarahSeptember 2015
RDI Newsletter Spring 2015
Rural Development InstituteMay 2015
Rural By Design Recommended Actions from Rural Works! A Rural Policy Think Tank
Rural Development InstituteJanuary 2015
RDI 25th Anniversary Factsheets: Agricultural Price Change
Ashton (Bill), William; Bollman, Ray D.November 2014
Manitoba’s Rural Economy Structure and Trends: An Update
Bollman, Ray D.; Rural Development InstituteOctober 2014
RDI 25th Anniversary Factsheets: Non-Metro Employment Patterns
Rural Development InstituteJuly 2014
Rural Roots Food Cooperative
Rural RootsApril 2014
Safe Work Social Marketing Case Study
SafeManitoba.comNovember 2013
Pluractivity: A Retro-Prospective
Bollman, Ray D.June 2013
Rural Germany in Socio-Demographic Change
Dehne, PeterOctober 2012
The Subdivision Process: MAFRI
February 2012
New Direction for Manitoba’s Rural Economy
Rance, LauraFebruary 2012
Geographic Perspectives on Sustainable Rural Change
Koster, Rhonda; Ramsey, Doug; Robinson, Guy M.; Winchell, Dick G.November 2010
Rural-Urban Fringe in Canada: Conflict and Controversy
Beesley, KennethNovember 2010
On the Bright Side: Rural Canada Works
Eastley, TedJanuary 2010
Comparative Rural Policy Initiatives; The Canadian Perspective
Annis, Robert; Bollman, Ray D.; Bruno, Jean; Gibson, Ryan; Pack, DarellNovember 2008
Learning Strategies to Build Human Capital & Social Capital for Sustainable Rural Communities
Rempel, KarenNovember 2005
Report from the Youth 1 Forum Strategic Planning for the City of Brandon
Bessant, Ken; Gibson, RyanMay 2005
RDI Annual Report 1999-2001
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteJuly 2003
Rural Adaptation Needs Assessment Report
Peers, Beth; Rempel, KarenSeptember 2002
Socio-Economic Linkages Between Agriculture and Rural Communities in Western Canada
Rounds, Richards .CJune 1998
Agri Processing Industries As Vehicle For Rural Development
Enright, Patrick G.; Ironside R.G.March 1998
Women in Agriculture – ARRG Working Paper Number 8
Rounds, Richards .C; Shaver, FranApril 1996
Issues Relating to Value-Added Processing of Agricultural Products in Manitoba
Mc Ewen, Thomas J.; Rounds, Richards .CApril 1994
Off Farm Employment in Agro-Manitoba
Bessant, Ken; Monu, ErastmusMay 1993
Women and Decision-Making in Agriculture
Ranoa, MilagrosFebruary 1993
Rural Communication; Information and Innovation in Farming
Ripley, DianeJanuary 1993
Stimulating Rural Economies for the 2000s: ARRG Working Paper 1992
Apedaile, Peter L.April 1992
Waste not: food waste reduction practices and policies in the EU
Vittuari, Matteo
Managing environmental issues –related to beef an international perspective
McAllister, Tim