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Profiling Competitive Rural Regions in Canada: A Focus on Self-contained Labour Areas
Bollman, Ray D.June 2017
Workforce Attraction as a Dimension of Regional Competitiveness: An Analysis of Migration Across Labour Market Areas
Bollman, Ray D.June 2017
The New Rural… is Regional?
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, WayneSeptember 2015
Growth Strategies for Rural Communities: a Preliminary Investigation
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, Wayne; Patterson, Lonnie; Zarry, XantheMay 2015
Growth Strategies for Rural Communities: Six Communities Case Study
Ashton (Bill), William; Kelly, Wayne; Patterson, Lonnie; Zarry, XantheMay 2015
Immigration Settlement Services and Gaps in Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Western Region
Ashton (Bill), William; Chung Yan, Miu; Francis, Jenny; Galatsanou, Eleni; Garcea, Joe; Immigration Research West; Kirova, Anna; McCoy, John; Pettigrew, Rachael; Rural Development Institute; Wilkinson, LoriMay 2015
Dirt Roads and Highways:Reforming Municipal Governance and Government in Alberta
Finseth, Naomi; Hallström, Lars K.February 2015
Rural Works: Rethinking the Value of Rural
Johnson, Thomas G.November 2014
ICRPS 2014: Innovation Strategies for Rural Manitoba
Ashton (Bill), WilliamJune 2014
Rural Immigration; Research, Partnership, Insight & Policy
Ashton (Bill), WilliamApril 2013
Immigration Strategies for Rural Communities
Manitoba Labour and ImmigrationApril 2013
Retaining Migrants in Rural Communities
Ashton (Bill), William; De Lima, PhilomenaMay 2012
Establishing roots beyond the perimeter: Immigrant retention strategies
Zehtab-Martin, AnisaApril 2012
Rural by Design
Rural Development InstituteApril 2012
Municipal Planning for Climate Adaptation
February 2012
Planning for Thriving Local Environments
Caldwell, WayneJanuary 2012
Planning for a brighter future; Municipalities working together
Kilbride, ShelleyNovember 2011
RDI Newsletter Summer 2011
Rural Development InstituteJune 2011
Responding to labour market needs in rural Canada through immigration to welcoming communities
Annis, Robert; Ashton (Bill), WilliamMarch 2011
Exploring Regionalism in the Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland
Gibson, RyanOctober 2010
Identifying and removing barriers to the implementation of socioeconomic plans in central Newfoundland
Daniels, Jen; Noble, Tanya; Vodden, KellyOctober 2010
Best practice in local and regional economic development
Johnson, Thomas G.October 2010
Addressing Social Needs of Temporary Foreign Workers in Rural Manitoba
Bucklaschuk, Jill; Silvius, RayOctober 2010
A New Approach to Rural Development in British Columbia
Penfold, GeorgeOctober 2010
Social Foundations of Innovation: Applying the Lessons for Policy and Practice in Rural NL
Carter, Ken; Greenwood, Rob; Tremblay, ReetaOctober 2010
Housing Strategies for Immigrants in Rural Southern Manitoba
Carter, TomSeptember 2010
Regional Approaches to Immigration; Half the Story: The Southwest Regional Immigration Committee
Block, LaurieJuly 2010
Building Welcoming Communities: A Multi‐Sector Regional Collaborative Approach To Rural Immigration
Rural Development InstituteJanuary 2010
Building Welcoming Communities
Ashton (Bill), WilliamNovember 2009
Patterson, LonnieSeptember 2009
Rural Immigration: A Prairie Canadian Perspective
Annis, RobertFebruary 2009
Annis, Robert; Moss, Alison; Pachkowski, Katherine; Racher, FranJanuary 2009
RDI Annual Report 2008
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteSeptember 2008
Water Wolf: A New Regional Framework for a New Rural Economy
July 2008
Yukon Regional Round Table
Wirth, WesJuly 2008
Community Collaboration: Forging Healthy Canadian Communities
Annis, Robert; Beattie, Marian; Gibson, RyanJuly 2008
The Civil Justice System and the Public Justice for Nunavummiut: Partnerships for solutions
Anderson, Travis; Stratton, MaryJune 2008
Overview of the NOR-MAN Regional Health Authority
April 2008
Community Collaboration; 2008 Capturing Opportunities Forum
Annis, Robert; McPherson, RussApril 2008
Creating Regional Partnerships in New and Different Ways
Annis, Robert; Beattie, Marian; Gibson, RyanOctober 2007
Improve Health Care Access of Northern Residents
Annis, Robert; Moss, Alison; Mosset, Laine; Racher, Frances F.October 2007
RDI Annual Report 2006
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteSeptember 2007
Community-Led Processes for Regional Collaboration
Annis, Robert; Beattie, Marian; Racher, FranJune 2007
A Report on the Strengths and Challenges of Community Development
Annis, Robert; Bessant, KenJanuary 2007
A Multi-Actor Framework for Rural Immigration: A Case of Community Immigration Efforts in Manitoba
Annis, Robert; Silvius, RaySeptember 2006
A Multi-Actor Framework for Rural Immigration. The Case of Community Immigration Efforts in Manitoba, Canada
Annis, Robert; Rural Development Institute; Silvius, RayJanuary 2006
Industry Canada Broadband Economic Impact Study
Rural Development InstituteAugust 2005
Manitoba’s Immigration Policies and Programs
Manitoba Labour and ImmigrationApril 2005
Regional Immigration Initiative
Western Economic Diversification CanadaApril 2005
Regional Immigration Strategies: A Policy-Research Perspective
Vineberg, RobertApril 2005
Silvius, RayApril 2005
Regional Immigration Initiative
Western Economic Diversification CanadaApril 2005
CCP_2003_Community_Colaboration_ Project_Annual_Workshop Report
Annis, Robert; Rural Development InstituteApril 2003
NAFTA and the New Rural Economy; International Perspectives – ARRG Working Paper 10
Rounds, Richards .CApril 1997
Impact Assessment of Rural Water Systems; Rhineland and Macdonald Evaluation
Haque, Emdad C.; Rural Development Institute; Winder, GordonApril 1995
A Review of the Economics of Regional Waste Management Systems in Manitoba
Aziz, Abdul; Baron, Michael; Gagnon, Richard; Rounds, Richards .CMay 1994
Issues Relating to Value-Added Processing of Agricultural Products in Manitoba
Mc Ewen, Thomas J.; Rounds, Richards .CApril 1994
Participatory Process and Rural Development: Lessons from a National Program
Dolan, Holly; Legere, Isabelle
Negotiating Community Benefit from Resource Activities in Rural Regions
Heisler, Karen
Northern Patient Transportation Program