Research Keywords

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KeywordResearch Experts
academic writing Joan Garbutt
Roberto Limongi
accommodations and accessibility Andrea Thomson
acute care psychiatric nursing Andrea Thomson
age-friendly Nancy Newall
aging Rachel Herron
agriculture Alexander Koiter
ally develop Joan Garbutt
allyship Joan Garbutt
angiogenesis Mousumi Majumder
anti-racism Dr. Michelle Lam
applied music Kerry DuWors
beekeeping in manitoba Deanna Smid
bees Deanna Smid
bees as literary symbol Deanna Smid
biomarker Mousumi Majumder
breast cancer Mousumi Majumder
building inclusive communities Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
business strategy Mostafa Torabi
care and caregiving Rachel Herron
caring and empathetic communities Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
caring and empathetic leadership Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
case study metholodgy Aloysius Anyichie
chamber music Kerry DuWors
chinatown Dr. Alison Marshall
chinese canadian history Dr. Alison Marshall
chinese religion Dr. Alison Marshall
circumcision Jonathan A. Allan
classical music Kerry DuWors
cognitive neuroscience Roberto Limongi
collaboration Kerry DuWors
Leanne Zacharias
community engagement Leanne Zacharias
community-based research Rachel Herron
compassion fatigue, burnout, secondary traumatic stress, vicarious trauma, ptsd Kathryn Chachula
computational cognitive neuroscience Roberto Limongi
concept analysis (walker & avant) & systematic reviews (joanna briggs institute) Kathryn Chachula
consumer behavior Mostafa Torabi
contemporary music Kerry DuWors
Leanne Zacharias
contemporary performance practice Leanne Zacharias
cross-genre music creation and performance Leanne Zacharias
culturally responsive teaching Aloysius Anyichie
customer satisfaction Mostafa Torabi
decolonization Joan Garbutt
dr. sun yatsen in canada Dr. Alison Marshall
drug-induced spirituality/religion Dr. Alison Marshall
duo-ethnography Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
early modern literature Deanna Smid
early modern music Deanna Smid
ecotourism Dr. Christopher Malcolm
ecstatic religious experience Dr. Alison Marshall
educating psychiatric nurses Candice Waddell
educational leadership Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
emblem literature Deanna Smid
engagement Aloysius Anyichie
environmental engagement Leanne Zacharias
ep4 antagonist Mousumi Majumder
epistemic beliefs Dr. Ellen Watson
epistemic writing Roberto Limongi
equity Dr. Michelle Lam
ethics of care Dominique Hétu
fatherhood Jonathan A. Allan
filipino canadian history Dr. Alison Marshall
filipino religion Dr. Alison Marshall
fish physiology Dr. Christophe LeMoine
flooding Alexander Koiter
foreskin Jonathan A. Allan
gerontology Nancy Newall
growth and development Dr. Emily Holland
health geography Rachel Herron
human dimensions of wildlife Dr. Christopher Malcolm
incivility and bullying in health care Kathryn Chachula
indigenous men wellness Candice Waddell
interdisciplinary performance Leanne Zacharias
intergenerational trauma Candice Waddell
islam on the canadian prairies Dr. Alison Marshall
juvenile skeletal remains Dr. Emily Holland
leaders' transitions Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
licensed practical nurses experiences of undergraduate nursing education Kathryn Chachula
little ice age Deanna Smid
loneliness Nancy Newall
male infertility Jonathan A. Allan
masculinity Jonathan A. Allan
men's health Jonathan A. Allan
men's sexual and reproductive health Jonathan A. Allan
mental health Rachel Herron
Candice Waddell
mental illness Candice Waddell
metabolic plasticity Dr. Christophe LeMoine
methods of skeletal analysis Dr. Emily Holland
micro rna (mirna) Mousumi Majumder
microplastics Dr. Christophe LeMoine
mitochondria Dr. Christophe LeMoine
motivation Aloysius Anyichie
music performance Kerry DuWors
music research Kerry DuWors
narratives of vulnerability Dominique Hétu
national parks Dr. Christopher Malcolm
neuroscience and education Roberto Limongi
nurses and nursing students who experience disability Andrea Thomson
nutrients Alexander Koiter
older adults Nancy Newall
online reviews Mostafa Torabi
open educational resources (oer) Joan Garbutt
ordinary ethics Dominique Hétu
oxidative stress Mousumi Majumder
performance curation Leanne Zacharias
physics education Dr. Ellen Watson
plastic biodegradation Dr. Christophe LeMoine
plastivores Dr. Christophe LeMoine
popular or everyday religion Dr. Alison Marshall
professional development in education Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
protected areas Dr. Christopher Malcolm
psychiatric nursing and nursing education Andrea Thomson
psychiatric nursing practice Candice Waddell
qualitative Dr. Michelle Lam
qualitative research: grounded theory (glaser & charmaz), phenomenology (van manen), thematic analysis (braun & clarke) Kathryn Chachula
quantitatve (compare means, correlation, regression analyses) & mixed method approaches Kathryn Chachula
recreation Dr. Christopher Malcolm
religion and migration Dr. Alison Marshall
religion and the built environment Dr. Alison Marshall
residential schools and unmarked graves Dr. Emily Holland
roles of the school principal Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
rural Rachel Herron
Dr. Michelle Lam
rural education Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
rural education leadership Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
rural mental health Candice Waddell
rural mental health practitioners Candice Waddell
scholarly writing Joan Garbutt
school division amalgamation Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
science education Dr. Ellen Watson
science fiction Deanna Smid
search and recovery of human remains Dr. Emily Holland
secretome Mousumi Majumder
sediment Alexander Koiter
self-regulated learning Aloysius Anyichie
sexual violence Candice Waddell
sexuality Jonathan A. Allan
shakespeare Deanna Smid
simulation and simulated learning environments Kathryn Chachula
site-specific Leanne Zacharias
social connection Nancy Newall
social isolation Nancy Newall
social media monitoring Mostafa Torabi
soil erosion Alexander Koiter
soil management Alexander Koiter
soil science Alexander Koiter
spirit mediumship and healing Dr. Alison Marshall
string literature Kerry DuWors
string pedagogy Kerry DuWors
strings Kerry DuWors
student experiences of psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress in health care Kathryn Chachula
suicide prevention Andrea Thomson
taphonomy and time since death Dr. Emily Holland
teacher education Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
technology in education Dr. Jacqueline Kirk
the kmt (guomindang) in canada Dr. Alison Marshall
theoretical neurobiology Roberto Limongi
tourism Dr. Christopher Malcolm
trauma Candice Waddell
tumor microenvironment Mousumi Majumder
vasectomy Jonathan A. Allan
violin Kerry DuWors
water management Alexander Koiter
water quality Alexander Koiter
waxworm Dr. Christophe LeMoine
wildlife Dr. Christopher Malcolm
wildlife management Dr. Christopher Malcolm
wildlife viewing Dr. Christopher Malcolm
women's writing Dominique Hétu
writing across the curriculum Roberto Limongi
writing centres Joan Garbutt
writing in the disciplines Roberto Limongi
writing to learn Roberto Limongi