Brandon University Strategic Research Plan 2021-2025

The Brandon University Strategic Research Plan 2021-2025 describes the vision for research at Brandon University.  The Plan has three major areas of focus, including:

1. Research Principles – five principles that provide a foundation for research and creativity at Brandon University. These are Research Excellence; Indigenous Perspectives and Truth and Reconciliation; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Responsible Conduct of Research; and Transparency and Impact.

2. Research Themes РThe round-table consultations highlighted the need for every researcher at Brandon University to be able to see themselves within the Strategic Research Plan 2020-2025. Thus, while community connected research, collaboration, and interdisciplinary research remain major areas of study, the Plan also emphasizes the important contributions of disciplinary researchers to fundamental, methodological, and theoretical research in their fields. The Plan identifies seven primary research themes that highlight a broad spectrum of research and embrace both established and emerging strengths and priorities. The themes are:  Rural, Indigenous, and Community Connected Engagement; Social Justice, Cultures, and Identities; Health and Wellness; Biotechnology, Genomics, and Life Sciences; Climate, Environment, and Natural Resources; Fundamental and Theoretical Research; and Creativity, Ideas, and Imagination.

3. Research Priorities – Consultation with BU stakeholders identified seven research priorities. These include research leadership and administration, research funding, communicating research excellence, building a supportive research environment, catalyzing and stewarding research partnerships, data management and open access, and infrastructure

An Action Plan, driven by the Research Priorities, is also included to guide Brandon University in achieving the goals of the Strategic Research Plan.