Housing and Support in the Community of Choice

Illustration of homeless manA partnership between BU Faculty of Health Studies researchers, Dr. Renee Robinson and Katherine Pachkowski, and the Manager of Residential and Support Services with the Prairie Mountain Health, Brent White, has addressed the factors that contribute to migration and subsequent homelessness.

Dr. Robinson says the project, funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (now Employment and Social Development Canada), describes “the extent to which migration from rural areas contributes to homelessness in a medium-sized regional centre, and identify factors that contribute to migration and settlement difficulties. The project also investigates reasons for return to rural communities, and supports that would enable people to effectively settle in their community of choice.”

Results from multiple data sources were synthesized into key findings and strategies for action. The study contributed to change at a local level, and increased opportunities for regional planning.

This research also involved partnership between researchers at BU, the Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corporation, and Prairie Mountain Health. Research engaged a range of stakeholders in Brandon and surrounding areas. This study explores the idea that reducing homelessness is a long-term venture that requires collaboration and investment across sectors, at multiple levels, and across community boundaries.