Flora Cowan Hall

Room and Board Rates: September-April 2018/2019

The following rates are for room, meal plan and misc. residence fees for the academic year ONLY. Residence fees do not include tuition.

There are two meal plan rates for Brandon University students.

Occupancy Brandon University Assiniboine Community College
MEAL PLAN Premium Value ACC
DOUBLE $7685.94 $7171.83  $7135.57
SINGLE $8826.68 $8312.58  $8319.78

 For 2nd term only, click here.

Please Note: Meal plan money can be carried over from first to second term, but must be used by the end of second term. Refunds for unused money are available in the Premium Plan, refunded to the level of the Value Plan.

As always, a reduced food plan is available for students attending Assiniboine Community College.