McMaster Hall

Your room includes all the furniture you will need! A bed (twin XL), dresser, bookshelf, chair, and night table is provided for each occupant. A desk lamp is available on a sign-out basis. Sheets, blanket and pillow are also included, upon request. All rooms have a cable outlet and are wired for internet access.

Residents live in double occupancy rooms (with a roommate) or single occupancy rooms (as available). Double Occupancy rooms are approximately 190 square feet in size, single occupancy rooms are approximately 130 feet square feet.

McMaster Hall Rooms have semi-private washroom facilities: the washroom is shared with the room next door. The people sharing washroom facilities are known as can-mates. Can-mates are always of the same gender. Please note: can-mates are responsible for cleaning and stocking their washrooms.

Laundry facilities are located on even-numbered floors.

McMaster Hall has a spacious study room, a television and games room, and a weight room, all located on the Main Floor. McMaster Hall Residence Council is very active in organizing events and activities for McMaster residents.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to fire and health concerns upholstered furniture may not be brought into the residence. This means that if you want to put an upholstered chair or couch in your room, or bring your own bed, mattress, or futon, it must be new, and this must be confirmed by presenting to residence management the original, dated receipt. If, for health reasons, you require an exception to this policy, contact the Director of Residence Hall Programs at least two weeks prior to your anticipated check-in date.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO SMOKING in the Residence Complex.