Flora Cowan Hall

Welcome to Flora Cowan Hall!

Gender Inclusivity

We at Brandon University Residence strive for inclusion of all gender identities while remaining transparent with what we are able to offer with our current infrastructure. We recognize that gender is a spectrum and that gender terms may have different meanings to different people, so we try to use as inclusive language as possible. We believe in equitable and fair representation for Sexual Gender Diversity. Students are encouraged to speak to the Residence Manager at boothd@brandonu.ca to address any concerns or questions regarding gender inclusion in residence.

Flora Cowan Hall – Female Inclusive

With its communal washroom spaces, Flora Cowan was as a single-gendered female hall. In our mission to provide an inclusive environment for all students, Flora Cowan Hall is now a Female Inclusive hall. Students who identify as female, as well as students who identify outside the gender binary, are welcome to apply for this hall. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cis Female
  • Trans Female
  • Non-Binary
  • 2 Spirit
  • Intersex
  • Gender Fluid, Gender Nonconforming, and Gender Queer

The communal washroom spaces have stalled toilets and only some of the showers have stalls. There are 2 washrooms per floor, one on each wing, with the exception of the basement where there is only 1 washroom.

For more information on the layout of Flora Cowan Hall, contact the Residence Manager at boothd@brandonu.ca.

Your room

Your room includes all the furniture you will need:

  • bed (twin XL)
  • dresser
  • bookshelf
  • chair
  • night table
  • desk lamp (available on a sign-out basis)

Standard single rooms will likely have 2 sets of furniture. We encourage students to use them to their advantage for extra storage space and pushing the beds together to make a larger bed!

All rooms have internet access via Wi-Fi.

Room Types

  • Double Room – A spacious room that houses two students. Shared communal washroom.
  • Economy Single Room – A cozy room that houses one student. Shared communal washroom.
  • Standard Single Room – A spacious room that houses one student. Shared communal washroom.

Your hall

Rooms are approximately 180 square feet in size, with economy rooms being slightly smaller. Each floor in Flora Cowan Hall has two large communal washrooms. The lower level also one central washroom.

You’ll have access to two cozy, comfortable lounges featuring fireplaces, one of which also serves as a TV room.

The basement holds a laundry room for resident students’ use.

Flora Cowan Hall residents are noted for their enthusiasm in organizing and participating in a multitude of events each year. From walking clubs to movie nights, floor decorating contests to supporting the Christmas Cheer Board, the residents of Flora Cowan Hall contribute to residence life in a way that sets the standard for all.

Rules and Regulations

Be sure to read the rules and regulations of living in residence