Mail Boxes

Students living in residence are assigned a mail box when they check in to residence.

Mail boxes are located on the ground floor of McMaster Hall.

All mail for campus is delivered to Brandon University’s mail room. Residence student mail is then sorted and delivered to the Residence office, where it is sorted and delivered by Residence staff. Mail delivery takes place Monday through Friday.

Please note that Residence mail delivery may take an extra day after your mail is initially delivered to campus.

Students receiving large packages will get a note in their mail box to come to the Residence Office for pick up.

Students who need to quarantine or isolate while at Residence will get their mail delivered to their door, during business hours. 

How to Address Mail for Delivery

In order to make sure you receive your mail, please make sure it is addressed properly, using your legal name and assigned mail box.

(First and Last Name)
(Box Number)
Brandon University Residence
270 18th Street
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 6A9

Mail that is incorrectly addressed may result in its being returned to the sender.

Note for Students Who Vacate Residence

Brandon University Residence cannot forward mail for students once they leave.

All mail received at our office for students who have vacated Residence will be returned to sender.

Please update your mailing address when you vacate Residence.

Sending Mail

Mail and Print Services for the Brandon University campus is located in the Physical Plant Building. Click Here for more information.

A Canada Post letter box is located just outside the John R. Brodie Science Building, on Louise Ave., for students wishing to send mail.