URGENT: Vaccine Mandate and Winning Shot — You need both

Note: This notice has expired.
Published October 26th, 2021

Thank you to everyone who has submitted proof of vaccination to the Vaccine Portal at Vaccination.BrandonU.ca. If you haven’t already, it is critical that you do this as soon as possible, or you will lose access to campus at the end of this week. Everyone should submit your information, no matter your vaccination status, so we can best serve all members of the BU community. Your personal health information is held in the strictest confidence, as per the BU Vaccine Policy, and you may even submit the form without disclosing your vaccination status at all.

The Vaccine Portal is different from and separate from the Winning Shot program. Those who are fully vaccinated may also register for valuable prizes through our Winning Shot incentive. However, being registered for one DOES NOT automatically register you for both.

  • You are responsible for submitting your information to the Vaccine Portal at Vaccination.BrandonU.ca to ensure you continue to have the access you need to campus.
  • You may also choose to submit your information to the Winning Shot incentive, to claim your chances at more than $10,000 in prizes.

Unfortunately, we are learning that some people have not yet submitted their information to the Vaccine Portal because they believed that their Winning Shot entry would suffice. That is not the case. Because of the way the data is held, with your privacy top of mind, it is not possible for us to cross-reference the entries and see who may have been missed. We’re sorry, and we should have been clearer.

If you haven’t, please submit your information to the Vaccine Portal at Vaccination.BrandonU.ca right away. We will work as quickly as we can to verify you and we will endeavour to preserve your access to campus.

And don’t forget to ALSO enter the Winning Shot incentive. We delayed the prize draws to match the new vaccination deadline, so we’ll be making those next week.