Thank Your Donor

Many individuals and organizations make significant donations to Brandon University in order to make the financial award(s) you have received possible.  Thanking the donor who has generously provided your award is important.  Most donors appreciate knowing first-hand that their donation is having a positive impact in the life of a real student.

Take a few minutes to hand-write a note in the blank Thank You letter that was included with your award notification email (or complete your letter electronically using the form-fillable Thank You Letter Template).  Return completed Thank You letters to the Scholarships Office (by email or in person) for sending to your donor.

Anatomy of a Thank You Letter

  1. Introduce yourself: Simply tell the donor who you are and that you are a scholarship recipient. Include your year and program. Be sure to communicate your appreciation to the donor for making this opportunity available to you.
  2. Tell us about yourself: Let the donor know a little bit about you, including any brief background that might be relevant to the scholarship. Mention any awards you have received and your career goals. Write about the classes you are taking and give some insight into your progress.
  3.  Talk about your school: Your benefactor has invested in you personally and in BU. Discuss your positive experiences at BU. Why did you choose to come here? Identify special learning opportunities you may have.
  4.  Say thanks again and be sure to sign the letter!

Tips & Tricks for a Great Thank You Note

  • Say THANK YOU.
  • Make sure the letter is free of both spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Be sincere.
  • Remember to write the date on your letter.
  • Use formal salutations (Mr., Mrs., etc.).
  • Take care to write legibly.
  • Do not mention the amount of the scholarship you were given.
  • Ensure the notecard is the correct way (the Thank You logo is the front of the card).
  • Do not refer to the donors as alumni. Although we have many alumni donors, we also have supporters who are friends, parents, faculty, staff, etc.
  • Be sure to sign your name, as well as print your name underneath it.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your personality.
  • Say THANK YOU again.