Transition to 15 CH Teaching Load at Brandon University

Frequently Asked Questions

Transition to 15 CH Teaching Workload – FAQ

Faculty Request for Reduced Teaching Load

Departmental Request for Reduced Teaching Load

As many of you are aware, during the last round of negotiations BUFA and the Employer agreed to language that will allow Brandon University to transition toward a standard 15 credit hour workload.  Over the last few months, both BUFA and the Administration have fielded many questions about how the new language will be implemented.  As this is the first year of the transition, we expect some uncertainty and confusion.  In an effort to smooth this transition and ensure that BUFA, our members, and the Administration have a clear and unified understating of how the new language will be implement, BUFA and the Administration agreed to work on the following FAQ page and two forms that will be available to Faculty members and Department Chairs when requesting workload reductions.  We strongly recommend that all members familiarize themselves with the new language in the CA that describes this process, in particular Articles 9.3.1, 9.4, and 9.5.b, and we hope that the information provided below proves useful.  This page will be updated from time to time as new questions and issues come to light.

  1. What is required of a faculty member who wishes to apply for a reduction to 15 CH?
    There is a template that each member should complete.  It should be submitted to your Chair/Coordinator as soon as possible but prior to October 15.
  2. When do departments/units make workload recommendations to their respective Dean/Director?
    October 15th is the deadline for Chairs to submit this work to your Dean/Director.
  3. When must the Dean make workload decisions?
    The deadline is November 15th.
  4. Is research the only thing that will be considered when applying for a reduced workload?
    No. While scholarship/research is the primary type of activity relevant here, Article 9.4.c also provides for service that goes beyond the normal expectations.
  5. If I receive a workload reduction under 9.4.c, can I teach overload and is it paid out over 15 credit hours?
    Under normal circumstances, overload would never be paid below 18CH. Only in exceptional circumstances (e.g. unanticipated vacancy or illness of a member in your department after workload has been assigned), a member granted a 15CH teaching load could be asked to teach an extra course. In such a case, if the member agrees to teach an extra course, overload would be paid below 18CH.
  6. Can I request a workload reduction if I am already receiving a reduced load for being department chair or other teaching load reductions outlined under 9.5.b?
    Yes. Article 9.5.b lists the 11 duties with workload reductions that are currently recognized in the CA. As chair, your load is reduced from 18 to 15. Thus, if you wish a further reduction, you would apply to have this reduced to 12CH.
  7. If research is used as the justification for a reduced load, how much research is required?
    Your research does not have to be above and beyond your past performance. However, in your submission to your Department/Unit, you should articulate specifically how the reduction will allow for the proposed research productivity/outcome to occur. Achievement of proposed outcomes will be relevant in consideration of future requests.
  8. What if I am going on a half sabbatical? Can I apply for a 6 CH load rather than 9CH?
    No. The transition was intended to be from 18 to 15CH in an academic year. As a reminder though, sabbatical leave replacement allocations are dealt with in Article 20.28. Beginning April 1, 2016, the Employer shall provide for 4 full-time or equivalent appointments and 42 sessional replacements in each academic year under the current CA.