Showing kindness to someone who may be struggling with mental illness can mean so much.  It is equally important to be kind to yourself.  Negative self-talk can affect your mental health.  The Bell Let’s Talk “Kindness Box” is a fun and easy way to give yourself or someone you care about a boost of positive energy.*

Kindness Box

How does it work?  It’s easy!

Print the Kindness Box Kit.  Create personalized messages.  Once you have written your messages, then you can try your hand at creating a Masu box.  It can take a few tries but you will get it!

Don’t want to waste the paper?  Why not put your personalized messages in an envelope and leave it for your intended recipient?  Or maybe send your messages in an email?  It doesn’t matter how you share your kind words, the important thing is that you do!

If you have created messages for yourself — you can post a few next to your computer, place some on your nightstand, and even hide a couple in your coat pocket!

Here are some examples of the messages you can create:





*source Bell Let’s Talk Day toolkit