Learning Coach

Who is a Learning Coach for?

Everyone! If you are a new student, it’s been a while since high school, you want to earn a scholarship, or last semester’s grades weren’t as high as you would like, a learning coach can help you improve your study techniques. Learning Coaches are senior students who can show you how they have been successful at BU and how you can too!

Arts / Science / Education Learning Coach

A Learning Coach is available to help with:

  • Learning online
  • Making a weekly study plan
  • Reading textbooks more effectively
  • Writing multiple-choice tests
  • Taking lecture notes
  • Preparing for exams

Fall 2021 TBA

Music Learning Coach

A Music Learning Coach can help with:

  • Making a weekly practice plan
  • Preparing for online lessons
  • Studying music theory and music terminology
  • Balancing practicing and studies
  • Maintaining motivation for practice
  • Practicing aural skills

 Fall 2021 TBA

I want more help with my study skills

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