Digital Communication Strategies

Know how to contact your professors if you need clarification and know how they wish you to submit coursework.  This guide will help you in communicating with your professor, but do not expect an immediate response if you email your professor at midnight! Be patient with each other.

  • If you are using your phone to email, send yourself a test message so you can see how emails from your phone will look to your professor
  • Include a subject line that matches your course (unless your instructor tells you otherwise)
  • If you have forwarded your BU email to another address, reply from your address

Effective email communication is especially important in online or remote learning and can set the tone for future communication. Remember that this is a professional setting and these steps will help as you transition to work after graduation.

Your class may have online discussion boards.  Think of these as virtual class discussions. They are a chance to share your ideas with peers and show your professor your critical thinking skills and that you are prepared for class.  Even if the professor doesn’t comment on your contributions, they are reading and reviewing the conversation.  Ask questions, share ideas and engage!