Announcement of Successful Firms

We are pleased to announce that Brandon University will be working with primarily two consulting firms, led by Dialog and RPG, to engage with our on-campus and off-campus communities to develop a Campus Space Plan and a Campus Master Plan. The Campus Space plan will inventory how space on campus is currently used and make recommendations for improvements in the way space is used, and in needs on campus that are not being met by our currently space use. The Campus Master Plan will look at the plans of the University over the next 10-30 years too see how our stated strategic directions in such documents as the Academic Plan may be assisted with the proper use and development of space into the future. Through the discussion with on and off campus community members, we will look at what will be Brandon University’s needs as well as what will be the needs and circumstances of the City, transportation services, recreation and access corridors, etc. The Campus Master plan and the City of Brandon Master Plan will guide decisions on future development in this area and that will affect our organizations.

The expectation is that these planning documents will be completed by approximately the end of February 2017. We look forward to our first community engagements in September.