Strategic Partnerships

It is anticipated that certain components of this Plan may be implemented in partnership with private entities. These may range from partnerships with private businesses to provide support type services for the University (food service, retail operations, housing), to partnerships to develop land and new buildings (comprising potential market-oriented uses).

For the purposes of developing its lands, the University should consider different development strategies including administering development programs through an arms-length development trust that is accountable to the Board of Governors. The full range of development strategies should be closely investigated and considered with advice from qualified professionals. Any development of land will be subject to the Vision, Principles, and policies of this Plan.

For any development partnerships the University considers, highest and best use studies, detailed land use plan, market feasibility analysis, and architectural guidelines should be created to guide development.

In addition, future studies should be considered to further support and inform any partnerships and/or development opportunities.

School Division

The Campus Master Plan provides opportunities for increased synergies with the School Division. New open spaces and buildings provide opportunities for communal programs and events including sports, graduation, Indigenous education, summer programs, and integrated learning. Summer programming for students on the Campus enables the animation of the Campus throughout the year.

Post-Secondary Institutions

Similar to the School Division, the Campus Master Plan as well as the Brandon Downtown Plan provides opportunities to increase and diversify student services and amenities as well as academic offerings for other post-secondary institutions such as Assiniboine Community College. The Downtown Campus provides the opportunity for graduate and professional studies and also the opportunity to create a significant central student hub and destination for 24/7 activity and socialization. This is in addition to the numerous offerings identified in the Campus Master Plan.