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Program Focus

The integrated program is intended for students who have a clear professional goal in mind of becoming an Early or Middle years teacher, giving high school graduates immediate access to teacher education. Students will complete a Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts Distributed Major while simultaneously completing course work in the Bachelor of Education program. Early and Middle years teachers are responsible for teaching all subject areas (English, Math, Science and Social Studies) and can expect to become comfortable with these subject areas while also focusing on a two teachable subject areas. Graduates are eligible for a professional teacher’s certificate in Manitoba.

Created to provide support, facilitate student success, and to build community and identity among beginning teachers, the program integrates unique field experiences linked to classroom learning right from year 1. It develops stronger student relationships with instructors in the Faculty of Education and within the student cohort.   Each year of the program has an overarching theme that is presented in the Integrated Program Map as the focus for courses and fieldwork: The theme in year 1 is Who am I?  It is followed in years 2-5 by Who are my Students?, What is Inquiry?, Who are We? and What does it mean to be a Reflective Teacher?

Program Length

A 5 -year program to complete your Bachelor of Arts (90 credit hours) plus your Bachelor of Education (60 credit hours) simultaneously for a total of 150 credit hours.

Program Options

You have two options when completing the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (5-Year Integrated) program:

  • Early YearsThe Early Years route is designed for teacher candidates who wish to specialize in teaching students from Kindergarten to grade four.
  • Middle Years — The Middle Years route is designed for teacher candidates who wish to specialize in teaching students from grade five to grade eight.

Deadlines (including supporting documents)

This program follows the general university admission deadlines:

Grade Requirements and Regulations

Students are required to achieve a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 prior to completing the final year in Education. Education courses stale date at 7 years. No “D” grades are accepted toward teachable subject areas. Students must pass all field placements in order to graduate with a B.A./B.Ed. (A.D.) Integrated degree and to be considered for recommendation by the Dean of Education for professional certification by the Professional Certification Unit of Manitoba Education and Training.

Program Requirements

Admission to this program will be through the Admissions Office. Students entering the B.A./B.Ed. (A.D.) program must meet the admission requirements of the Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts Distributed Major 3-year) to be eligible for this program. Please note, a high school mathematics course in Applied or Pre-Calculus is a pre-requisite for 62:152 Contemporary Mathematics. If Applied or Pre-Calculus is not taken in high school, then students must complete 62.090 Basic Math prior to completing 62:152. A 2.50 GPA is required in the B.A. portion of the degree prior to completing the final year of the Education program.

Integrated Program Handbook

A copy of the integrated program handbook can be found here: 2023-24 Integrated Handbook.