How to Apply — 5 Year Integrated Program

Meet Admission Requirements

Meet Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet General Admission Requirements by category. Please refer to these Admissions links:

Canadian High School Applicant Admission Requirements

International High School Applicant Admission Requirements

Transfer Applicant Admission Requirements – please note there is a limit on the number of credit hours that can be transferred into the BA/BED program. If you exceed this, we suggest transferring into a BA program rather, and once completed, applying to the BED After Degree separately.

Apply to BU

Apply to Brandon University

Applicants are admitted to Brandon University by completing the Admissions application online or by contacting Brandon University Admissions Office at

If accepted, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance from the Admissions Office.

Submit Child Abuse Registry and Criminal Records Checks

Upon acceptance to the program.

Submit Child Abuse Registry and Criminal Records Checks

Submit an original, valid, and clear Child Abuse Registry and Criminal Records Checks to the Field Experience office by the first day of classes. These checks must be dated the month of May or later in the year of acceptance.

Steps to Obtain Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Child Abuse Registry Check (CARC)

  1. Apply for a CRC (including vulnerable sector) at your local police or RCMP Detachment. The Child Abuse Registry Self-Check Application forms are available online.  The CRC must be from an official police agency.  CARC forms are also available at the Faculty of Education Main Office.  You will require 2 pieces of identification such as:  SIN#, Certificate of Indian Status, Passport, Birth Certificate, MHSC (6 digit #), Driver License, other  Government Issued ID, Professional Cards – Nursing Card, Pilot License, Canadian Citizenship Card or Firearms License or other photo ID.  Credit Cards or Photo ID Cards from universities are not accepted as forms of identification.
  2. Any Criminal Records Check that indicates a possible record will be examined to determine whether the record is relevant to the applicant’s honesty, integrity and or suitability to the profession and whether the offence(s) constitute reasonable grounds to deny admission to the program and/or for teacher certification. Terms, conditions or limitations on registration, in accordance with the Professional Certification Unit may be applied.
  3. The Field Experience office will require a record of the disposition of charges. A “Certification of No Criminal Record” can only be obtained with a submission of a set of fingerprints.  This is the students’ responsibility.
  4. A school may deny entrance of a Student Teacher depending on the severity and circumstances of charges.
  5. If a student incurs charges after the CRC &CARC are submitted it is imperative that the circumstances are discussed with the Director of Field Experience immediately. Failure to do so may jeopardize continuation in the Faculty of Education.
  6. Remember that it can take 8 to 10 weeks to receive a CARC & 1 week for a CRC to be returned.

Meet Fifth Year Requirements

Meet Fifth Year Requirements

To enter Year 5 of the program, you must meet the following:

  • Have completed your Bachelor of Arts (90 credit hours);
  • Completed your teachable subject credit hours;
    • First teachable – 18 credit hours
    • Second teachable – 12 credit hours
  • Completed the Professional Certification Unit of Manitoba Education required courses (24 credit hours);
  • A minimum GPA of 2.50 (C+) in both degrees (Arts and Education);
  • Completed practicum placements 01:271 and 01:371; and
  • Valid and clean CRC and CARC.

Permission from the Dean is required for exceptions from the above requirements If you have any questions or concerns with respect to your eligibility to enter Year 5, require assistance with selecting courses or registering for Year 5, or any other Education inquiries, please contact the Office Assistant, Undergraduate Programs in the Faculty of Education.

Once approved, you will be eligible to complete the fifth and final year of program entirely in Education.