Mature Students

Like most people who have been out of high-school, college, or even university for some time, perhaps working or taking care of your children, thinking about whether returning to school is right for you can be stressful. This particular decision cannot be treated lightly. You know this, and so does Brandon University. Its personable and professional staff are ready to help you answer this question and to transition into a post-secondary learning environment. By choosing to become a student, you will be joining one of the many other adult learners who have also decided to step back into a classroom at Brandon University.

Everyone comes to university for personal reasons. Some want to broaden their horizons by learning new skills or by reflecting upon ideas and theories, or significant world issues. Many complete a first degree program to fulfill their career interests. Likewise, some return specifically to post-secondary education to advance their career goals or to change their career. Regardless of your reason, Brandon University is enriched by your participation in your chosen degree program. The entire university welcomes you to be a part of the community.

Students who do not meet the Regular admission requirements and who meet the following criteria may be admitted with Mature students status.

  1. at least 21 year of age by the last date of examination for the first session (Spring, Summer, Regular) in which they wish to register;
  2. Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada (only in exceptional cases will international students in Canada on student visas be considered for Mature student status)

Transfer Credit

For those who have completed course work at another accredited post-secondary institution, such as a college or university, the admission process requires you to submit official transcripts from these institutions.  As part of this process, your completed course work can be assessed for Transfer Credit.  Students can check on BU’s Transfer Database to see what course(s) have been evaluated by Brandon University.  If the courses have not been evaluated, students will be contacted by the Admissions Office to submit detailed course syllabi/outlines for an assessment to be completed by the relevant department.

Canadian Forces

Brandon University welcomes Canadian Forces personnel (including Reserve members), their spouses, and dependent children to join the university community and pursue a degree program. In recognition of the fact that a CF personnel’s or spouse’s program of study may be interrupted due to special circumstances, Brandon University has waived the regular residency requirements. For more information on this regulation, see the current Brandon University Undergraduate Calendar, Section 4.1.16. Brandon University also acknowledges that CF personnel attain university level learning gained though Canadian Forces training programs and courses. To assist in the assessment of this learning, CF members admitted to Brandon University are requested to arrange a meeting with the PLAR Coordinator ( and submit a copy of their Member’s Personnel Resume Record.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

As an adult leaner admitted to Brandon University, you may want to consider whether you bring to university a wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills acquired while working or through personal endeavors such as a hobby. If you have acquired university level learning through your hard work, you may be eligible to have your prior learning assessed for university credits. By making use of the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) service at Brandon University and by gaining PLAR Credits that can be applied towards the completion of your degree, you can save yourself time and money. Assessments of prior learning have been conducted in a wide range of degree programs, including Applied Disaster and Emergency Studies, Business Administration, Fine Arts, Languages, Native Studies, Psychiatric Nursing, and Sociology, to name a few.

Student Advising

Whether starting a degree program or finishing an old one, you will need to select and schedule the various courses needed to complete your degree. Your choices are very important, since each degree program has very specific requirements, as does the university, such as the Liberal Education Requirement. The Academic Advisors in Student Services are available to help you chose the right sort of courses so you can proceed well through your program. All new students are required to contact Student Services for advising.

Academic Skills

Once you begin your classes, you may find that your study skills are a little rusty, so that some of your assignments may seem to be quite difficult to finish. Everyone experiences these kinds of problems at some point in school. However, as a BU student you have access to a full range of services offered in the Academic Skills Centre, including Writing, Math, and Learning Skills. The professional staff is ready to help you learn from these situations so in the future your next assignment might be easier to complete.

Career Services

As an adult learner, you might already have a career goal in mind when starting your BU degree, but it can never hurt to discuss possible career options that are relevant to the wide array of degrees offered at Brandon University. The staff in Career Services is ready to assist in these decisions.

Student Accessibility Services

For adult learners who have a temporary disability or a recurrent or permanent condition that may hamper their academic work, Student Accessibility Services works to facilitate the needs of these individuals, in consultation with appropriate faculty and staff. Accommodation may include providing alternative testing methods and settings; arranging for alternative format materials; arranging a reader, tutor, or note-taker services; and ensuring accessible classrooms.

Personal Counselling

Your experiences, values, interests, hopes and dreams are important to everyone on campus. Brandon University shares and celebrates in your success. However, sometimes life does not go as planned, and troubles interfere with your success as a student. Staff in Counselling Services provides a safe and confidential environment to deal with issues such as anxiety and stress, relationship and family issues, self-esteem, depression, sadness and loss. Students are referred to services in the community when necessary.

Childcare Services

As a BU student, you may also be in need of daycare services for your child or children. Located at 303, 21st Street close to campus, the BU Early Learning Centre is open from 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for children between the ages of 2 and 6. For more information on registration, fees and program, visit the Centre or call (204) 725-0968.