Mathematics and Computer Science


Mathematics involves the use of deductive reasoning and constitutes the basic language of the physical sciences. It is a way of thinking, a disciplined and logical approach to problem-solving that will be of interest to people who enjoy mathematics, either for its inherent appeal or as a method of problem-solving in related disciplines.

Mathematics is growing today more than ever before – both as a subject in its own right and in terms of its influence on science, engineering and business. Some of the more recent advances in physics, chemistry and biology use mathematical concepts. The divisions of science that previously used few, if any, mathematical skills are now putting more and more emphasis on mathematical reasoning and techniques. Statistics, which is an area of mathematics concerned with data analysis, is increasingly used in such disciplines as psychology, sociology, business and health studies.

Students interested in pursuing careers in business management need to have some background in mathematics to understand some of the computer-based, decision-making processes currently in use.

Computer Science

Computer technology is growing rapidly and affecting our lives in many different ways. The computer is a powerful tool for storing, retrieving, manipulating and presenting data. A special by-product of studying computer science is the learning and developing of an ability to solve the problems that are important in today’s changing world.

In first year computer science, you will learn the Java programming language. The course is designed to challenge people who are fond of computers and mathematics, and possess the ability to think logically. Students with these interests or abilities will find computer science courses fascinating.

In “Introduction to Information Technology,” you will learn to use software development languages and software productivity packages. Emphasis is placed on developing the ability to examine a problem, discover a solution and then implement that solution.

In addition to the various computer laboratories the department runs the “BitCave” High-tech laboratory for senior students