Bachelor of Science

Brandon University provides students with many opportunities to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree.  Although the scope of science education at Brandon University is broad, a number of major themes are present in the learning experience.  Chief among these themes is our commitment to undergraduate education.  Next is our commitment to helping students develop both critical thinking and domain specific skills as they work through their curriculum. Regardless of the major subject area a student selects in the Faculty of Science, all students learn how to collect and organize data to better understand the world.


Each Department in the Faculty of Science has professors with active research programs. Our small class size facilitates interaction between students and professors. From these interactions, opportunities for student research emerge. Students in the Faculty of Science quickly become active researchers.

The Faculty of Science also offers a number of program options that prepare students for entry into professional programs at other universities. Our most recent option provides students with the opportunity to study Pre-Agricultural and Food Science for one or two years before applying to transfer to the University of Manitoba. Another innovative options allows graduates an opportunity to earn a Bachelor of  Engineering degree at the University of Minnesota.   Students with a Bachelor of Science degree also have many graduate school opportunities.