Meal Plans

Sandwich and salad on plate

Introducing an All-You-Care-To-Eat Food Program September 2020.

On-Campus Convenience That Saves Time and Money

Living in residence requires that students participate in our All-You-Care-To-Eat food program on campus, which is designed to provide residents with a delicious, nutritious, flexible, and value-packed meal program.  Giving students have extra time to study, visit friends, and participate in campus activities since they don’t have to shop for food, cook their meals, or clean up the mess.

The meal plan is designed specifically to allow students to save money since food purchased on the residence meal plan is non-taxable and provides maximum purchasing power.

How it Works

Residents have money placed in their food account which allows them to be able to have unlimited options out of Harvest Hall by simply presenting your student ID card at the cash register.  As an added bonus, depending on the plan you choose, by choosing one of the all-you-care-to-eat programs you will have $250-$500 to spend at our Blue and Gold Café or Harvest Hall.

Meal Plan Options

Room Type Cost
BU 7 Day Unlimited including $500 Dining Dollars $4,207.22
BU 5 Day Unlimited including $250 Dining Dollars $3,679.74
ACC 7 Day Unlimited including $500 Dining Dollars $4,320.61
ACC 5 Day Unlimited including $250 Dining Dollars $3,778.88

Balance Transfers

Meal plan money cannot be carried over from first to second term as you are paying for the term.


Female student paying clerk in Harvest Hall.

Refunds are not available.

Changing Plans

You can change your food plan during the year: just visit the friendly staff in the Residence Office.

Special Dietary Needs

Our kitchen can meet specific dietary needs. However, residents on such diets will have a more limited menu choice and are still responsible to contribute the full amount to the food program.

Along with our Nutrition Specialist, our team will work closely with the student to ensure that we accommodate everything that we can.

Other Things to Note

  • Bulk Orders on meal plan accounts are not available.
  • Harvest Hall closes for the Christmas break on or around December 19th. In the second term, Harvest Hall closes on or around April 24th,
  • Hours of Operation: our dining programs shuts down 24 hours after the last scheduled examination. This means there is no food services available during the December holiday period.

Food Plan Outlets

Harvest Hall – Our primary food service area for the All-You-Care-To-Eat program is conveniently linked to all three residences.

Blue and Gold Café (NEW – Opening Soon!)– Our quick service coffee station is located in the hallway in front of the Library with extended booth/study seating just down the stairs.