Wireless Network

Brandon University provides a secure wireless connection to all Students, Faculty, Staff, and Authorized(Sponsored) Guests, as well as access to EduRoam.

The following SSIDs are available:

  1. BU_Wireless – The secure wireless network that is accessible after your wireless device has been onboarded via BU Connect.
  2. BU_Guest – Free Public Internet for Brandon University Guests. Connections to this network are unsecured, bandwidth controlled, and limited to 90 minutes per session.
  3. EduRoam – Used for visitors on campus from other institutions that utilize EduRoam. When accessing EduRoam, you will be required to enter your credentials from your home institution. If you are having issues, please contact your home institution for assistance.

To access the secure wireless network you must use the BU Connect Portal to onboard your wireless device. During the onboarding process, you will be prompted to accept the Terms & Conditions listed below.

Students, Staff, or Faculty:  You will be prompted to enter your BU Username and Password.

  • Your BU Username is not case-sensitive (does not matter if entered in upper-case or lower-case characters).  Either your BU username or email address will work.
  • Your BU Password is case-sensitive.

Authorized(Sponsored) Guests:  You will be prompted for your Voucher Code. Your Voucher Code will be 5 Upper Case letters.

You can onboard your wireless device at any time from any where, even before you arrive on campus. Just go to https://buconnect.brandonu.ca and follow the prompts. Your device will be configured for access to the secure wireless network before arriving on campus, so when you do arrive, you will be automatically connected.  Be advised if performing these steps away from BU campus grounds, you will encounter an expected error, but the required setup will actually complete and the BU_Wireless network should connect the next time you are on campus.

Conditions and Terms of Agreement:

  1. When accessing a Brandon University Wireless connection, the user is agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Brandon University Computer Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. Brandon University Wireless Connections are for the use of Faculty, Staff, Registered Students, and Authorized Guests.

Students, Staff, and Faculty will have access to University resources as if they are connected to the network via a network cable.

If you are a Guest to BU and require access to BU resources, the research network, and require a long term connection please ask about our Guest Vouchers. The Guest Vouchers will allow you access to the high speed research network, BU hosted resources, and your wireless connection will be encrypted and unrestricted.

Below are device specific documentation that you can reference when onboarding your wireless device using the secure wireless network:


  • Why do I need to use BU Connect to be able to access the wireless network?
    • Using the BU Connect system allows you to access the wireless network in the most secure fashion. Once your device has been configured for the wireless network you are authenticated via a unique certificate that is specific to your user id, which allows you access to the network and also encrypts all your communications on the wireless network.
  • I don’t want to run an application to connect to BU_Wireless or when I run the Network Wizard I get an error.
    • You don’t have to run the Network Wizard, but it is recommended since it does all the work for you. You can configure your connection manually. When you are presented with the software download by BU Connect, select “Show all operating systems”  and then select “Other Operating Systems”. You will then be shown the steps to configure your wireless connection manually.
  • How often do I need to register my device using BU Connect?
    • The unique certificate for your user id is valid for a period of 1 year. Near the end of the 1 year period you will be notified to renew your certificate for another year using BU Connect.
  • If I change my password will I need to renew my wireless access?
    • No. Authentication is based on your certificate not based on your password.
  • If I lose my device, can I stop it from accessing the wireless network?
    • Yes. BU Connect allows you to see what devices you have registered and gives you the ability to remove any device that you do not want to access the wireless network.
  • What is the recommended mobile browser to use when connecting my mobile device via BU Connect?
    • iOS devices are recommended to use Safari.
    • Android devices are recommended to use Chrome.