Current Graduate Students

Alex Asunni

Supervisors: Dr. Balfour Spence & Dr. Lord Abbey

James Cluff

Project Title: Examining the membership and role of casein kinase CK2 of the SSU processome UTP-C subcomplex in the regulation of ribosome assembly.

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Charette

Riley Cram

Project title: The behavior of natural clays used for stabilization of non-paved aggregate roads

Supervisor: Dr. A. Hamid Mumin

Ivan Drahun

Supervisor: Dr. Bryan Cassone

Oluwadara Elebute

Project title: NGS approaches to system biology

Supervisor: Dr. Bryan Cassone & Dr. Christophe LeMoine

Harald Grove

Supervisor: Dr. Christophe LeMoine & Dr. Bryan Cassone

Laura Lahr Lourenço Janiaski

Supervisor: Dr. Bernadette Ardelli

Cody Koloski

Supervisor: Dr. Bryan Cassone

Nicholas Kurchaba

Supervisor: Dr. Chrstophe LeMoine

Olakunle Francis Omidiora

Project title: Material Flow Analysis: A Tool for Environmental and Waste Management Planning in Brandon, Manitoba

Supervisor: Dr. Balfour Spence

Omoshalewa Omozuwa

Project title: Environmental implications/considerations of oil and gas development in Southwestern Manitoba

Supervisor: Dr. Balfour Spence

Janelle Vachon

Project title: Paleoecology of the early Eocene Whipsaw Creek macroflora, Allenby Formation, British Columbia

Supervisor: Dr. David Greenwood