Current Graduate Students

Kathryn Barr

Project title: Aspen Growth following fire and foliage clipping

Supervisor: Dr. Terence McGonigle

James Cluff

Supervisor: Dr. Michael Charette

Riley Cram

Project title: The behavior of natural clays used for stabilization of non-paved aggregate roads

Supervisor: Dr. A. Hamid Mumin

Gustavo Diaz Cruz

Project title: Survey of Soybean foliar diseases using high-throughput molecular approaches

Supervisor: Dr. Bryan Cassone

Alyssa Eagle

Project title: The behavior of natural clays used for stabilization of non-paved aggregate roads

Supervisor: Dr. Pamela Rutherford

Oluwadara Elebute

Supervisor: Dr. Bryan Cassone & Dr. Christophe LeMoine

Vitaly Golubev

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Whittington

Melanie Hawes

Project title: Groundwater flow patterns in abandoned vacuum harvested peatlands, eastern Manitoba

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Whittington

Brandice Hollier

Project title: Water Balance of Clear Lake and Management of the Restoration of Octopus Creek, Riding Mountain National Park

Supervisor: Dr. Peter Whittington

Mark Klapheke

Supervisor: Dr. Alireza Somarin

Kaylin Liddle

Project title: Microbial biomass carbon as an indicator of soil health

Supervisor: Dr. Terence McGonigle

Alexander Lowe

Project title: Spatio-temporal variation in plant community composition and climate at the Early Eocene McAbee Fossil Beds, Kamloops Group, British Columbia

Supervisor: Dr. David Greenwood

Nguyen Nguyen

Supervisor: Dr. Vincent Chen

Emmanuel Ojefua

Supervisor: Dr. Vincent Chen

Olakunle Francis Omidiora

Supervisor: Dr. Vincent Chen

Omoshalewa Omozuwa

Supervisor: Dr. Balfour Spence

June Onwuachi

Project title: The immunological, biochemical, toxicological and physiological effects of macrocyclic lactones on mammals

Supervisor: Dr. Bernadette Ardelli

Jillian Perreaux

Project Title: The mycota of soils associated with snake hibernacula

Supervisor: Dr. Wendy Untereiner

Shawna Philpott

Project title: Conservation Biology and citizen science of Eastern Tiger Salamanders in Southern Manitoba

Supervisor: Dr. Pamela Rutherford

Alisha Poole

Project title: Proteomic Analysis of the Glioma Protease-web for the Development Peptide-based Inhibitors

Supervisors: Dr. Vincent Chen & Dr. Bryan Hill

Markus Sudermann

Supervisor: Dr. David Greenwood & Dr. Jennifer Galloway

Kingsley Ugwuagbo

Supervisor: Dr. Mousumi Majumder