What our students are saying…

“I completed my undergraduate degree here at Brandon University and am thrilled to be continuing my education with the MELS program. The small class sizes here at BU have enabled me to get to know my professors more personally, as well as gain valuable work experience that many students at larger universities would not have the opportunity to pusue. With the help of my supervisor Dr. Pamela Rutherford, I have been able to develop a research project based on wildlife conservation that I am excited about. I have always been passionate about wildlife and the environment, and I am thankful that I am able to pursue that dream by furthering my education and expanding my future opportunities here at Brandon University.”Alyssa Eagle, MELS student


“There are several reasons why I chose Brandon and the MELS program. The community, professors, resources and thesis project being the most prevalent. Specifically, I know and respect all the professors here in Brandon. They have been exceptionally accommodating and helpful since I began this program. New computers, software and near immediate access to equipment, such as the facilities of the micro-analytical lab, allow me to work effectively. My home is a five minute walk to the university along with all the major services a person would need to live in a small city. The thesis project I am researching is of a unique and special interest to me. Mazenod Lake, NWT has an appeal in that I have actually spent time completing field work at the location. Potential results of this research have the capacity to improve the overall understanding of the geology, both locally as well as regionally. Brandon University has allowed me to pursue my interests, excel in my career, satisfy my intellectual curiosity and make an impression in my profession.” – Mark Hamilton, MELS graduate


“I completed my undergraduate degree at Brandon University, and I worked as a laboratory instructor and research assistant since my graduation in 2010. When I learned the University was beginning a Masters program in Science I was excited for an opportunity to continue my education, something I have always wanted to do, without having to move away from home. In the years I spent as a student and working at Brandon University I have come to know the staff and facilities, and I am proud and excited to get a chance to be a student there once again.” – Ashley Greenley, MELS graduate


 “I became part of the MELS program to challenge myself and improve future employment prospects. I feel this program is an excellent way to improve my research skills, build professionalism, and work in areas of conservation. Brandon is close to home and is small enough to foster a sense of community. Brandon University has the benefits of small class size and one-on-one time. The professors here are competent and caring.” – Vanessa Rosenkranz, MELS graduate