Dr. Shannon Gadbois


Dr. Shannon Gadbois, BA (Hons), MA, MEd, PhD
Department of Psychology
Brandon University
Room 1-14, John R. Brodie Science Centre
270 18th Street
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada R7A 6A9
Phone: (204) 727-7306
Fax: (204) 728-7346
eMail: gadbois@brandonu.ca



Academic Qualifications:

Ph.D.   Queen’s University (Cognitive Psychology), Kingston, Ontario, Canada
M.Ed.   Queen’s University (Curriculum and Instruction), Kingston, Ontario, Canada
M.A.   Queen’s University (Cognitive Psychology), Kingston, Ontario, Canada
B.A. (Hons)   Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada


  • 82:160 Introduction to Psychology: Part I
  • 82:161 Introduction to Psychology: Part II
  • 82.279 Psychology of Sport
  • 82.388 Human Learning and Cognitive Psychology

Other Courses:

  • 82.252 Psychological Foundations of Disaster Management (team taught)
  • 82.351 Research and Professional Development in Psychology (team taught)

2011 Recipient of Brandon University Senate Award for Excellence in Teaching

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My research is focused in two broad streams: 1) applied cognition – I am interested in how students think about themselves as learners and how these perceptions are related to what they actually do as they learn and to their subsequent performance; 2) participation in extracurricular activities – I am interested in how individuals who participate in athletic and non-athletic activities think about (and describe) themselves generally (general self-esteem) and with respect to their physical appearance (body esteem).  I’ve also conducted research focused on gender issues in academia.

Recent Manuscripts:

Gadbois, S., Bowker, A., Rose-Krasnor, L., & Findlay, L. (accepted). A qualitative examination of psychologically engaging sport, non-sport, and unstructured activities. The Sport Psychologist. https://journals.humankinetics.com/doi/pdf/10.1123/tsp.2018-0032

Ramey, H. L., Rose-Krasnor, L., Busseri, M. A., Gadbois, S., Bowker, A., & Findlay, L. (2015). Measuring psychological engagement in youth activity involvement. Journal of Adolescence, 45, 237-249.