Manitoba Rural Broadband Project

As more and more Manitoba rural communities are accessing and using broadband, the Rural Development Institute, Brandon University, has engaged in investigating the impact of broadband usage, and digital technologies in general, on rural communities. Four communities have joined the project: Hamiota, La Broquerie, Powerview-Pine Falls, and St Claude.

In each community, a survey of digital technologies infrastructure, access, and usage is carried out at the household level to describe accurately the digital situation of each community. In addition, a complementary set of interviews and focus groups is designed to highlight the opportunities and barriers characterizing the implementation of projects. The joint analysis of both sources of data will support the breadth and depth of the results.

This project is made possible through funding provided by Function Four Ltd. and MITACS, a national not-for-profit organization. We also would like to thank CDEM and Eco-West for their active participation.

For more information about this project, contact:
Mikaël Akimowicz, PhD: 204-761-3430,
Wayne Kelly, MRD: 204-872-0269,

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St. Claude

La Broquerie


Powerview-Pine Falls