External Application Information

Internal Deadline for the Submission of Applications

The BU internal deadline for applications, contracts, letters of intent, etc. is NO LESS THAN TWO WEEKS prior to the external deadline. This deadline is firm.  Larger partnership-based and institutional applications normally have earlier deadlines, please check with the Office of Research Services (ORS) to confirm dates.

Submission to the ORS shall include the final hard copy of the complete application and the Brandon University External Research Application Cover Sheet.

PLEASE NOTE that a complete application includes ALL items submitted to the funder, for example, application form, proposal, budget, budget justification, CV, letters of support, co-investigator CV and information, and any other documents.

The internal deadline is set to allow sufficient time for the Manager of Research Services to vet an application for completeness and adherence to funder and institutional policies and guidelines, to obtain the authorization of the institutional signing authority, the Provost & Vice-President (Academic), and to submit to the funder.  An application shall not be submitted to an external funder without institutional authorization.  The Manager of Research Services will contact the applicant when authorization is received and submission to the funder can take place.  Submission to the external funding body is the responsibility of the researcher unless otherwise stated.

In cases where an application is completed electronically via a secure funder site, the above process applies and it is advised that applicants contact the ORS for additional information and requirements.

Brandon University External Research Application Cover Sheet

All external funding applications, including letters of intent and similar documents, must be accompanied by an External Research Application Cover Sheet.  The Cover Sheet must be completed and signed by the researcher then forwarded to the Dean or Director with the final hard copy of the complete application package, for review and signature.  The Cover Sheet and application package are then submitted to the Office of Research Services for vetting then authorization by the Provost & Vice-President (Academic).

Institutional Signing Authority

The institutional signing authority for all research applications, contracts, letters of intent, and other formal documents is the Provost & Vice-President (Academic).  The signature of the Provost & Vice-President (Academic) is legally binding.

Authorization must be in place prior to any external submission.

Research Contract and Overhead Policy

Researchers who are considering taking on research contract work under the auspices of Brandon University should review the Brandon University Research Contract Policy and contact the ORS prior to entering into negotiations with external organizations.  All research contracts are subject to Brandon University overhead costs.