The ORS provides resources, procedures, tools, and tips to assist researchers with their research projects.

Request for Release of Research Funds Prior to Regulatory Certification

In order to comply with the Tri-Agency Agreement of the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions, regulatory certification for research projects involving:  1) human participants; 2) the use of animals; and/or 3) biohazardous materials must be obtained prior to the release of research funding.  Respectively, Brandon University regulatory certification committees include:  1) Brandon University Research Ethics Committee (BUREC); 2) Brandon University Animal Care Committee (BUACC); and 3) Brandon University Biosafety Committee (BUBC).

In cases where a researcher requires access to funding in advance of the activities requiring regulatory certification, a portion of the funding may be released following approval from the Office of Research Services.  A researcher who needs access to funding is required to complete the Request for Release of Research Funds Prior to Regulatory Certification Form.  If approved, a specified amount of funding will be released for an identified period, after which formal certification will be required.

Please note, in cases where an external funding agency has more stringent certification guidelines than Brandon University, the funding agency’s requirements will be adhered to.

Budget and Budget Justification

Creating a budget and budget justification for a research application involves a number of steps and a variety of policies and procedures.  This page will provide you with some basic information and guidelines to assist in the development of your research budget and justification.

Open Access for Publications and Library Resources

In May 2015, the Tri-Agency released the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications.  Open access enables researchers to make their publications freely available to the domestic and international research community and to the public at large, thereby enhancing the use, application and impact of research results.  The objective of the policy is to improve access to the results of Agency-funded research, and to increase the dissemination and exchange of research results.  All researchers, regardless of funding support, are encouraged to adhere to the policy.

For more information on open access at Brandon University, please visit the Library’s website to review the Resource Guide for Faculty.  For institutional assistance with the open access routes available to you, please contact Carmen Kazakoff-Lane.

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Other Resources

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