Verify your vaccination ASAP

Note: This notice has expired.
Published October 22nd, 2021

The Brandon University campus will move to being a fully vaccinated space after Oct. 31. We are thrilled by the vast numbers of you who have already submitted your proof of vaccination. Combined with measures like physical distancing, wearing masks, enhanced ventilation and sanitization, and self-assessment to stay home when you are sick, vaccination can help keep our entire community safe.

Please, if you haven’t already, fill in your details at as soon as you can. Right now. It is a quick and simple process, but there can be delays in processing when a lot of people submit at once, and you risk interrupting your campus access privileges if you wait until the last minute.

Even if you are not fully vaccinated, or if you choose not to disclose, or if you do not think you need campus access, please complete the verification form anyway. This will help us connect with you to ensure you understand what this will mean regarding your access to campus after Oct. 31. It can also help us make swifter changes to your campus access if you later decide to change your status or are granted an exemption.

Testing instead of vaccination is available only for those who have approved religious or medical exemptions, or until Nov. 14 for those who are waiting for their full vaccination to kick in. We continue to assess and process exemption applications. This can take time, so if you haven’t already begun the process, please consider doing so immediately:

After Oct. 31, campus doors will be locked 24/7 and you will need approved card access to enter any building. Thank you to everyone who has helped us re-verify employee key fob data, which will help make this transition go as smoothly as possible. Unverified key fobs have been turned off. If you are the holder of one of these cards and find you do not have access, please or contact your supervisor. Student access is linked to your BU Student ID card, which are fully verified. Both require vaccine status or an approved exemption through Once again, if you haven’t already, you are running out of time to submit your vaccination status for uninterrupted access to campus. Loss of access to campus could impact your ability to attend class or work.

Locked doors will also impact visitor access, including members of the public and contractors, so please begin planning to avoid any disruption. Visitors will be asked to make an appointment with the person or area they need to see and must be met at an exterior door and accompanied while on campus. Contractors will largely be managed through the Physical Plant.

The full BU Vaccination Policy and a brief description of what you need to know are available online:

All of the Covid-19 vaccines are free, safe, and widely available in the community. Vaccination is proven to reduce your chances of catching Covid-19, to reduce your chances of showing symptoms or getting ill, to reduce your chances of spreading it to others, and to nearly eliminate your chances of ending up in the hospital. Find the vaccine that’s waiting for you at: