Named Professorships

Named Professorships are an opportunity to 1)  honour previous Department, Faculty, or School members, previous students, Brandon University honorary degree recipients, or previous professor emeriti, and 2) recognize outstanding Brandon University faculty members who have demonstrated excellence (national or international standing) in research/performance coupled with strong teaching and/or service.

Procedure for Creating Names:

Departments and/or Faculties/Schools will propose names XXX, chosen in honour of previous Department/Faculty/School members, previous students, previous (subject related) Brandon University honourary degree recipients or present or previous professors emeriti/ae. Thus: the XXX Professor of YYY, where YYY is the same as the name of the Department/Faculty/School or is a subdiscipline thereof.

Proposals go forward for approval to the University NP Name Approval Committee — consisting of a faculty member elected by and from each Faculty/School, a President’s appointee, and the VP (A&P) as chair. This committee examines the names and supporting documentation forwarded by Departments/Faculties/Schools and approves or otherwise. It is possible for many names to be approved for a single Department, and for a single Faculty/School.

Procedure for Assigning Faculty Members to Named Professorships:

Faculty members must initially be nominated by their Department. The Faculty/School will strike a Faculty/School Named Professorship Appointments Committee that will be responsible for judging nominations and making recommendations to the Faculty/School Council who will then forward any positive recommendations to Senate for final approval. Successful nominees will hold a named professorship appropriate to their Department/Faculty/School, and will be referred to as the XXX Professor of YYY, regardless of their rank.

Named professorships are held continuously for a maximum of 3 years (non-renewable), normally beginning at the start of the fall or winter term, and cease to be held if the faculty member leaves the university. To be eligible, a faculty member must have been at Brandon University for at least 5 years and must be tenured at the time of being nominated. Having held any named professorship, a faculty member is only eligible to hold a named professorship again after a period of 10 years has expired.

Five hundred dollars ($500) will be made available, annually, to each named professor to enable them to purchase materials for the library. When a faculty member ceases to hold a named professorship, unspent monies will be returned.

Criteria for holding a named professorship are: Excellence (national or international standing) in research/performance coupled with strong teaching and/or service.

The numbers of named chairs allotted to Faculties/Schools are as follows:

Arts 2,
Education 2,
Health Studies 1,
Music 1,
Science 2.

Approved by Senate – November 19, 2002