Senate Award for Excellence in Teaching

A.  Purpose

The Senate Award for Excellence in Teaching was established to emphasize the importance of teaching at Brandon University and to recognize and honour those faculty members who excel in this endeavour.

B. Award

One award will be presented annually at the Spring Convocation. The recipient will be presented with a framed certificate signed by the President of the University, as Chair of Senate. A master plaque containing the names and department or Faculty/School affiliation of all recipients will be displayed in the Private Dining Room.

C.  Eligibility

Nominees must

  • Be full-time members of Brandon University faculty, and
  • Have completed five years of employment at Brandon University.
  • Former recipients of this award must wait ten years before becoming eligible to receive this award again.

D.  Criteria

Because excellence in teaching should not be narrowly defined, the Selection Committee will look for evidence of excellence and/or outstanding performance in each of the following areas (in no particular order of priority).

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the material taught
  • Organization of course content and materials
  • Enthusiasm and ability to motivate students
  • Rapport with students
  • Communication skills
  • High general educational standards
  • Fairness in grading student performance and in the treatment of students
  • Accessibility to students
  • Encouragement of student participation

E.  Call for Nominations – November 1st

  • The Vice-President (Academic & Provost) shall notify the University community that nominations are being sought.
  • The Deans shall consult with their faculty and department chairs and, if appropriate, receive, solicit and initiate nominations of suitable candidates.
  • Nominees must give their consent to being nominated.

F.  Faculty Advisory Committee – December 1st

Each Dean shall appoint by December 1st a Faculty Advisory Committee consisting of:

  • Dean – Chair
  • At least 2 faculty members representing at least 2 departments.
  • The Faculty Advisory Committee will be responsible for selecting the faculty/school nominee. The Faculty Advisory Committee will be responsible for ensuring that the dossiers of nominees are complete and in accordance with the following list (in no particular order of priority):
    • a curriculum vitae addressing the criteria specified for the award, including a list of courses taught at BU;
    • a summary statement, not to exceed two pages, describing how the nominee satisfies the selection criteria;
    • documentary evidence which demonstrate entitlement to the award; (e.g. student, Dean and peer evaluations or other qualitative and qualitative evidence as deemed appropriate by the nominee.)
    • at least three, but no more than five, one or two-page letters from colleagues and/or former students supporting the nomination.
  • The Faculty Advisory Committee will forward the completed dossier to the Office of the Vice-President (Academic & Provost) by February 1st.

G.  Senate Selection Committee on Excellence in Teaching – February 1

The Vice-President (Academic & Provost) will be responsible for calling together an ad hoc Senate Selection Committee composed of:

  • Vice-President (Academic & Provost) – Chair
  • 3 of the most recent recipients of the award
  • Vice-President (Academic) of BUSU

Note:  Members of the Faculty Advisory Committee may not serve on the Senate Selection Committee.

The Committee shall review the nominations forwarded by the Faculty Advisory Committees and, by applying the criteria to the information submitted for each nominee, may recommend one candidate. With the consent of the nominee, the Committee may choose to carry forward a nominee to the next competition. The recommendation to Senate is to be forwarded to the Senate Executive Committee by March 1st.

Approved by Senate – November 18, 2003